The Best Meal Of The Day!

Chicken Cacciatore Soup for Virtual Family Dinner

Now that I have a baby, I miss my mom more than ever. Chicken cacciatore soup helps bring back great memories of mom and me. My mom and I are extremely close. She’s caring, loving, funny and protective. She taught me to be strong but cautious, to love your family and friends but always put […]

Chilly Days Turkey Chili

This weekend was a chilly one. But turkey chili, and snuggling with our playful baby girl, kept us warm. Temperature wise, it was nose-numbing cold outside. E and I only left the house (separately) to go to the gym and get groceries, but it was too cold to take little Q anywhere with us. Poor […]

Brunching While Vegan

The vegan thing is trickier than I thought. I’ve been surviving for 9 days as a vegan, mostly on vegetables and quinoa, bread and chia seed pudding. I’ve reintroduced myself to oatmeal, which I haven’t eaten in years. But I’ve made several non-vegan mistakes, just out of habit I can’t seem to break. I accidentally […]

"GMA" Thanksgiving Morning After Monte Cristo

This is what you need to make in the morning of Thanksgiving, when you somehow have digested all of the food from the night before but you are STILL STARVING! One cannot subsist on Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie alone. Not even if your name is James Wright and you sing like a bird. I […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Croque Tartiflette

You want a good reason to use the rest of your cheese plate for a sandwich? Here’s something creamy, cheesy and perfect for a post-Thanksgiving brunch: Thanksgiving leftovers croque tartiflette.

Thanksgiving Pull-Apart Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

We’re a week away from Thanksgiving. And while I’ve given advice on how to plan your ideal holiday, I admit, I’m a little behind.

"Dinner and Homeland" Easy Turkey Meatball Sandwich

The past week, I’ve been making easy dinners for E and I in an effort to expand my recipe book and avoid eating out. I’ve been pretty successful. There was honey mustard chicken with apple and walnut couscous on Monday. And the other night, a supereasy turkey meatball dinner. 

Five Ingredient Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken is having a moment. Shake Shack has people clucking after the chain added a deee-licious fried chicken sandwich to its menu. Momofuku just opened a fried chicken shop in the East Village. I would not be surprised of the sale of home fryers was also on the rise. Or, at least, vegetable oil.

Lobster Roll, Take 376

Because it’s so hot outside that we cannot be bothered to sweat on the beach and would rather sit inside in our air conditioned apartment and start packing for our honeymoon, I made homemade lobster rolls. Just as good as the first time I did them.

The BLP---Bacon, Lettuce and Peach Sandwich

This is what you need to do with your ripe peaches this week: Make BLPs.

Four Sandwiches for the Ultimate Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is upon us! And you need ideas to keep the masses happy while they’re dipping in your pool and drinking your beers.

Sandwich #299---"Too Big To..." The Dagwood

I held out until the end to make the ultimate stacked sandwich—the Dagwood.

Sandwich #295 and #296--"On Set" Chicken Club and Veggie Club Sandwiches

These bad boys. These are not for your ladies who lunch.

Sandwich #294--"Vive Le Frenchie" French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese

I used to have a French bulldog named Lucy. E hated that animal.

Sandwich #286--"Brazilian Flashbacks" Bauru Sandwich

Some sandwiches take me outside of the kitchen. Like this Brazilian sandwich, the Bauru. It reminds me of beaches, jeeps and sand dunes.

Sandwich #285--"Before The Fight" Chicken Waldorf Salad Sandwich

E and I were lucky enough to go to the Wladimir Klitschko/ Bryant Jennings fight on Saturday night at MSG. But before the fight, we had snacks.

Sandwich #280--"Learning to Compromise" Eggs Benedict Sandwich

You know you’ve really compromised for your man when you can tolerate runny egg yolk AND hollandaise on the same sandwich.

Sandwich #279--"Egg-Celent" Deviled Egg Banh Mi

You must have plenty of eggs lying around your house after Easter.

Sandwich #278--"In the Mail" Fried Egg with Bacon and Strawberries

I was away for work in Miami for a few days, and ate my face off on South Beach in between events and meetings and writing by the pool with the warm sun beaming down on my skin. Now I’m back in New York City. In the cold. With no pool.

Sandwich #274--"Island Inspired" Roti with Chicken and Chickpeas

Yes, it took me two weeks to get this right. But boy was it worth it.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten-Inspired French Dip with Horseradish Mustard

I was lucky enough to have lunch with Jean-Georges Vongerichten the other day for a boozy holiday celebration sponsored by Bon Appetit. Yes I get around.

Sandwich #270--"Spicy Leftovers" Curried Turkey Salad with Almonds and Grapes

Three more days until a four day weekend and eating until we pass out on the closest available flat surface. Bring. it. on. 

Forbidden Sandwich #9--Bacon, Spinach and Avocado with Roasted Tomato

In order to satisfy my end of the 300 sandwiches challenge, I had to make sandwiches that E wanted to eat. This did not include spinach or avocado.

For the Love of a Bagel

See this here? I ate that whole thing the other day. And I will not feel guilty about it.

Banh Mis Are Like PB&J Around Here

I’ve done five versions of banh mi sandwiches since I started this blog. I guess I really love cilantro or something.

Just a Taste...

Oh how I love the smell of beer battered fish in the morning. Or at night. Or anytime really. Coming up tomorrow on 300 Sandwiches: beer battered mahi-mahi sandwiches. For today, I leave you with this mouth-watering teaser above. May your lunch today be as tasty.

Sandwich #254--"Everybody's Doing It" Pulled Pork Gyros with Red Cabbage, Roasted Tomatoes and Cilantro

This is a horrible thing to admit. But I have to be honest. I had one of those “everyone is engaged but me” moments yesterday.

Yesterday's Dinner, Today's Lunch...

I packed leftover pressure cooker pulled pork into a gyro for E’s lunch. I’ll post tomorrow, but wanted to leave a taste with you before I rush off… (E, don’t forget to take the sandwich with you to work!)

Sandwich #253--"Birthday Toys" Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwich

E was not going to let his new shiny birthday toys stay shiny for long.

Sandwich #249--"Mirroring Happiness" Beet Pesto and Roasted Artichoke Grilled Cheese

E wakes up as if he’s gotten a promotion every day—smiling, happy, singing. This sounds horrible, but it doesn’t make me instantly happier to see him happy.

Sandwich #248--"Green Thumb" Beet Pesto Veggie Sandwich

E did some mega gardening this weekend. You have a garden, you ask? In Brooklyn? Sorta.

Sandwich #237--"Healthy Afternoon" Tuna and Avocado Salad Wraps

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of the holiday—or, just a coincidence—I made a fairly, sorta, kinda green sandwich over the weekend.

Sandwich #231---"Diffuse Anger with Laughter" Snack-Sized Muffuletta

I love E to pieces, because he makes me laugh when I want to destroy things.

Sandwich #229--"Create Your Own Sunshine" Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Greens on Flatbread

In the drab days of winter, I have to remind myself to create my own sunshine.

Sandwich #219--"Obsessed" Salmon Salad Sandwich on Pumpernickel

Last night I went to dinner with 3 of my good girlfriends, my major fashion executive friends Stacie and Stephanie, and DJ Kiss, who is a major DJ here in New York. We hadn’t seen each other since before the holidays, and it’s always tons of laughs and a late night when we do.

Sandwich #217--"Stoner Road Trip" Nine Flavor PB & J

I took that kid’s idea from Pinterest and made it my own. I also got a tummy ache.

Sandwich #214: "Apple Butter Everything" Turkey and Cheddar with Apple Butter

E and I have become obsessed with our homemade apple butter. We are finding ways to put in on everything.

Sandwich #209--"Dispatches from the Doghouse" Roasted Tomato, Yellow Pepper, Basil and Ricotta Cheese

Hey all, E here. I’m taking over today’s post to give my darling girlfriend a break. She deserves it. Here’s why:

Sandwich #205--"Name Calling" Greek Salad Wraps

When someone calls you names—own it!

Sandwich #203--"Make Him a Plate" Turkey, Cranberry Sauce and Cheddar Cheese Melt

I made E a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers this weekend, including this grilled cheese pictured above. It got me thinking about the concept of making your man a plate.

Sandwich #199---"Saturday Nights in Your Thirties" Roast Chicken and Waffle BLT

Saturday nights used to be for dinners out and club hopping. But I do enough of that during the week for my day job at The New York Post. Now—nesting with my boyfriend in my mid-30s—Saturday nights are for roasting chicken.

Sandwich #198--"Pot Kettle Black" Baba Ganoush with Peppers and Greens

Now that I finally had edible baba ganoush, I could make a light sandwich for E’s lunch, which I had to do to save face after hanging out late the night before.

Sandwich #195--"Dinner with Friends" Lamb Sandwich with Fig Jam and Arugula

E and I reconnected with some cool friends this weekend.

Sandwich #194--"Hold the Greens" Three Cheese Grilled Cheese with Walnuts and Honey

I had a post a few weeks ago about why one should not order the plain white sandwich. Unless you’re E, and your girlfriend is making grilled cheese sandwiches with sauteed brussels sprouts and you despise the green veggies.

Sandwich #193--"Lunch Break" Tomato with Pesto and Goat Cheese

I love pumpkin, but I needed a break from the ubiquitous pumpkin flavored goods in our house—biscuits and whoopie pies and even creme brulee that E made a few nights ago. I may have to get my flapper dress for Halloween an extra size bigger at the rate I’m inhaling these sugary treats.

Sandwich #187--"Fall Harvest Beach Break" Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Corn Burgers with Tomato Jam

Rating: Last weekend was sunny and windy, so E hightailed it out of the house to go kitesurfing. He deserved it, the poor thing had been working 12 hours days. He needed a break.

Sandwich #180--"Wanderlust" Ham and Pineapple on Pretzel Roll

The weather is so delightful in New York City–it’s been a sky blue 70 degrees and sunny all week. But the sunshine got E and I thinking about our next vacation.

Sandwich #178---"People are Talking" Grilled Cheese and Pear Sandwich on Olive Bread

After I came out as the author of 300 Sandwiches in the New York Post last week, it seemed anyone with a computer had an opinion about the site. Who knew sandwiches could kick off an international discourse about gender and love?

Sandwich #177--"Baked at Halftime" Fried Green Tomato BLT

E and I differ on sports. He’s into hockey and the America’s Cup (nice win, Oracle!). I am a raging Chicago Bears fan.

Sandwich #176--"Third Time's A Charm" Roasted Chicken, Sweet Potato Mash and Swiss Chard Leftovers 'Wich

I’ve been trying to make this sandwich for two weeks! Finally, I got my ‘wich together!

Sandwich #163--"Make Sure to Get My Good Side" Vietnamese Steak Banh Mi

E and I got all glammed up for a photo shoot this morning. Our directive was to put on our best looks and love up on each other for the camera. Easy enough, right?

Sandwich #160 and #161--"Hurry Up" Elvis Sandwich, Two Ways

Whenever my guy friends ask about the blog, they get so judgmental. “How many sandwiches are you on?” they ask. I’ll explain. “You better hurry up! You’ll never get engaged at that pace!”

Sandwich #159--"Substitute for Tomatoes" Turkey Pear Club Sandwich

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a club sandwich that E would like.

Sandwich #157--"Burnt to a Crisp" Shrimp Banh Mi

E teases me because I like my food well done. “You like your food nuked until all flavor has exited,” he says. I took that declaration to heart the other night.

Sandwich #151--"Roughing It" Rotisserie Chicken and Greens

During the Oregon Trail portion of our trip, activities will include summer snowboarding (!) at Mt. Hood, kitesurfing in the Columbia River Gorge and more wine tasting.

Sandwiches #144 and #145--"Clink and Clunk" Shrimp and Steak Lettuce Wraps

Here’s another sign that I’m turning into my mother.

Sandwich #143--"You LIKE Kale!" Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich

I scored a major victory at home today. I got E to eat kale!

Sandwich #142--"Back to Business" Peperonata and Goat Cheese on Baguette

Our Fourth of July—also known as my birthday—was country fabulous.

Sandwich #140--"You Make the Birthday Plans" Turkey Burgers with Bacon

My friends want me to have a birthday party for myself, but then I end up having to make the plans. I don’t want to do any work to enjoy my birthday. Instead, I’ll make E do it.

Sandwich #137--"Lunch, From Me to You" Mozzarella and Olive Tapenade on Pita

I did something that I’ve never done for E. I sent him off to work with homemade lunch.

Sandwich #130--"Weekend Productivity" Mozzarella and Homemade Pesto BLT

You can get more done with your day when you get up early. Because I was up and at ’em at 8am Saturday morning, I had coffee on the balcony with E, drove to Fairway AND nabbed the closest parking spot possible to the front door, bought enough groceries for the week, unloaded them at […]

Sandwich #124: "You Play, I'll Stay" Chicken Ceasar Sandwich

Here’s another difference between E and I. He is friends with just about all of his ex-girlfriends. In fact, I have met a majority of the women he’s dated because he’s either invited them to our dinner parties or taken me to their birthday bashes and Sunday brunches. I am not friends with any of […]

Sandwich #115--"Don't Just Google It" Ham with Lavander Goat Cheese, Honey and Caramelized Pecans

Ham and cheese is a good sandwich. Ham with spreadable fromage blanc, honey and caramelized pecans is a great sandwich. That is, if you know how to make carmelized pecans successfully.

Sandwich #114--"Cinco de Mayo-ish" Mexican Torta

Rating: It was Cinco de Mayo over the weekend. For us, it’s an legitimate excuse to drink margaritas—unlike the less logical ones, like “oh we’re out of wine, so we have to drink something else, preferably with tequila.”

Sandwich #98--"Hold the Pickles" Cuban Sandwich

Rating: E and I just got back from Miami, a super amazing trip full of dancing, eating, pool parties, beach time and Champagne. Between all of that, somehow we missed hitting up THIS amazing find while we were there! I blame traffic! I blame the uber alluring pool at the Delano Hotel! I blame everyone […]

Sandwich #86--"Rainy Day" Bacon, Swiss and Carmelized Onion Grilled Cheese

E sure is dedicated to his craft. The first thing he does after putting on that godforsaken white (actually beige, after a year of wear) robe of mine/his is fire up his Apple MacBook Air and start coding. Seven days a week, he puts in a good 10 hours of work, often well past midnight. […]

Sandwiches #71 and #72: "Comfort Food" Pizza Melts

Rating: E had a bad day. Work left him frustrated and sad, and Mr. Sunshine usually never lets work stress get him down. He had never looked so defeated as when I saw him after work, moping around in his trusty white robe. I couldn’t just make him a sandwich. I had to take him […]

Sandwich #69--"Dump the Lump, Part Two" Pumpkin Hummus with Greek Yogurt

Rating: After surgery to evict Lupita, I was supposed to take it easy. I can’t go to the gym, and I can’t lift anything over ten pounds until my chest heals. But I can’t sit on the couch forever. Plus, E and I had to eat.

Sandwich #68: "Dump the Lump, Part 1" Hummus and Veggie Pita Sandwich

Rating: Lumps and bumps. They come up every so often. Sometimes they’re caused by falls or accidents. Sometimes they’re caused by disease. I had one. It confused me. It confused my doctors. It freaked me the eff out.

Sandwich #66--"Home Sweet Home" Turkey Bacon and Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Being at home with my parents during the holidays reminded me of a few things. Like how awesome it feels to be able to walk around without doing your hair and makeup for two days and having no one judge you. How much fun it is to watch football with my dad. How comforting it […]

Sandwich #61--"Christmas Pressure" Chicken Salad with Cranberries and Pecans

Rating: I am feeling extreme Christmas anxiety. I haven’t finished Christmas shopping, and that includes buying a gift for E. And I just discovered that the store that I wanted to get his gift from is CLOSED ON SATURDAYS!!!! ACK! I am the worst. girlfriend. ever. EVER! This is why people drink Baileys in their […]

Sandwich #55--"Tacky Office Glasses" Turkey, Basil and Cheddar Melt

E is starting a new full time job today: the “minister of Q branch” at a tech start up, according to him. This job goes against everything E has worked so hard for—70 vacation days a year, hourlong lunches at Momofuku Noodle Bar, and no bosses to report to while he worked as a freelancer […]

Sandwich #52--"Thanksgiving Leftovers" Turkey and Trimmings Sandwich

Rating: Thanksgiving was amazing. Our turkey–brined two days in advance–turned out juicy and tender. Our sides–sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, asparagus, stuffing and a beautiful salad with butternut squash, bacon, pecans and roasted onion–were gobbled up quickly. And we had tons of booze, desserts and great company. Including E’s mom.

Sandwich #45--"Get Skinny" Apple and Almond Butter Sandwich

E and I were channeling our inner Olivia Newton John and Billy Blanks (remember him?! I used to do those Tae-Bo videos in my living room when my parents were at work) to get healthy after a decadent two-week vacation. Caipirinhas with every meal added tons of extra sugar and calories to our Brazilian diets. […]

Sandwich #43--"Glad To Be Back" Pastrami on Rye

And we’re back. Five days, six hotels and a ten hour flight, E and I arrived to a post-Sandy NYC. We knew we may have gone a bit too off the grid when our landlord sent out an APB e-mail on our whereabouts to the entire building asking if anyone had seen us. “We haven’t […]

Sandwich #42--"Where is the Lavanderia?" Roast Beef with Mozzarella and Arugula Sandwich

E and I are in Rio de Janeiro, settled in the upscale Soho-like neighborhood of Leblon. From our room overlooking Leblon and Ipanaema Beach, we can see the locals in as little clothing as possible. The size of the bathing suit I bought to blend in with the cariocas is akin to the dimensions of […]

"Sandwich #41--"The Kite Surf Frango" Grilled Chicken Sandwich

E and I are in paradise spending time by the beach with great people and great food. There’s only one problem–E is trying to get me familiar with kitesurfing, a fast, equipment heavy, highly intimidating sport that simply can’t be learned in a few days.

Sandwich #34--"Fall Dinner Party" Bacon, Arugula and Manchego Cheese Panini

Fall arrived this weekend. E and I wanted to commemorate the event, along with his cousin’s birthday, with a dinner party at our place. Since E and I moved to Brooklyn to partake in some hard core nesting, we’d rather entertain at our place and be asleep by midnight than battle traffic to head back […]

Sandwich # 30--"In the Queue" Chicken Salad Sandwich

I love big box retailers. Blame my Midwestern roots, but I love the promise of bargain basement prices and offers like “Buy 5, get 6 free!” and wandering through those wide aisles and seeing perfect facing stacks of paper towels and Clorox and Eggo waffles and Corn Flakes all lined on shelves. It’s like being […]

Sandwich #25--"Hold the Avocado" Turkey BLT

After that epic fail of that shrimp and avocado couscous pita thing I tried to make a meal, I had to recover, reboot, and rebound. My sandwich making ego had taken a blow. How I was going to make up for that bland nothingness of last night’s dinner? Do I cook up something truly gourmet, […]

Sandwich #23-- "So Good I Made it Twice" Heirloom Tomato, Feta and Basil Open Faced Sandwich

On one of the last Saturday afternoons of summer, E and I decided to stay in the apartment. You’d understand why if you saw the state of our apartment–clothes needed washing, floors needed mopping, and hair needed deep conditioning (that speaks more to the haphazard state of myself, but add hair to the list of […]

Sandwich #7--"Hit The Road" Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich

E and I were headed to the country this weekend for my extended birthday celebration. I had a summer Friday this week, but E had to work a full day. I knew he would be a Hungry Hungry Hipster (the Brooklyn version of Hungry Hungry Hippo) when he walked into the apartment. But when he […]

Sandwich #3--"Veggie Delight" Avocado, Swiss, Boston Bibb and Roasted Red Pepper

E is not partial towards green vegetables. He loathes broccoli. “The devil’s vegetable,” he told me, adding if I ever dared cook it for him he would throw it at me. He also hates spinach–him and Popeye don’t share the same culinary preferences.

Sandwich #1--"The Beginning" Turkey and Swiss on Country White

The first sandwich I ever made for E is the one that he loves the most–turkey and swiss with lettuce. Crispy bread, flavorful turkey, and pickles on the side are a must. It takes so little to make him so happy.
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