Four Sandwiches for the Ultimate Fourth of July

By 300 Sandwiches

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139lobsterslider The Fourth of July is upon us! And you need ideas to keep the masses happy while they’re dipping in your pool and drinking your beers.

We have a plethora of sandwich ideas for your Fourth. Herewith, our favorites:

Lobster Roll

Of course, we had to put the lobster roll at the top of our list. We’ve got your traditional roll, (sandwich #8) and a slider version, sandwich #139, pictured above.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are as American as George Washington and apple pie. We have three versions of hot dogs for you, sandwich #291, #292, and #293, to keep people drooling over your grill all afternoon. Oh, man those look good. Now I’m hungry…


And what about a good old BLT? Great for picnics or snacking at the pool. Number #25, our turkey BLT, doesn’t have the “T” (E is still forbidding raw tomato on his sandwiches. Yes, even after the proposal.) Sandwiches #16 and #17 substitute succulent peaches for tomatoes.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Finally, the ice cream sandwich: a perfect snack to keep cool while watching the fireworks. This red white and blue sprinkled version, sandwich #141, are holiday festive. And sandwich #135, the mini pretzel ice cream sandwich, is one of my favorite–small enough to be guilt free and the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

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