Sandwich #98–“Hold the Pickles” Cuban Sandwich

By 300 Sandwiches

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DSC_0450 E and I just got back from Miami, a super amazing trip full of dancing, eating, pool parties, beach time and Champagne. Between all of that, somehow we missed hitting up THIS amazing find while we were there! I blame traffic! I blame the uber alluring pool at the Delano Hotel! I blame everyone but myself!

I actually blame us taking a nap through dinner Sunday night, leaving no time to hit up the sandwich spot before we caught our flight back to NYC.

The shock of the 38 degree weather on our sunkissed skin while at JFK airport was enough to make us retreat into our North Face parkas for the next three months. Why oh why did we leave Miami?

At least I can bring some of it home. I made a Cuban sandwich when we got back to Brooklyn.

We had blown our healthy diets while in Miami, so one not so healthy hot cheesy sandwich wouldn’t do much more harm. Usually Cuban sandwiches are made with pork and ham, cheese and sometimes spicy mayonnaise, but I substituted turkey because E doesn’t like pork. When I suggest pork chops for dinner, he always declines. But he likes speck, and the finely sliced ham he picked up from Citarella.”I’m just picky,” he explains.

“But you liked the pulled pork sandwiches I made for Super Bowl?” I asked.
“OH THOSE WERE SO GOOD!!!” he said, cross eyed. My boyfriend is a walking contradiction.

I made the sandwiches with sleepy eyes from our Miami trip while E splayed out on the couch reading his iPad. When the sandwich was ready, I served E the hot results, which he enjoyed. Until I saw all of the pickle slices sitting on his plate after he devoured the sandwich.

“Dude, these are the pickles YOU bought! Now you don’t like pickles?”
“No, I like pickles,” he said flatly. “I just don’t think they belong on a sandwich.”

As if his pork preferences weren’t confusing enough.

Pickles are great on the side. Cold and crisp. But heated? I just kinda draw the line there for some reason. I’m picky and that’s a good thing: it makes this 300 sandwiches project more interesting.
one baguette or roll
3-4 slices ham
3-4 slices turkey
2-3 slices Swiss cheese
2 tablespoons yellow mustard (French’s will do. In fact, French’s is required)
2 tablespoons olive oil
3-4 slices pickles
few shakes pepper

Drizzle olive oil on outside of bread, and slather mustard on inside of both bread slices. Layer on Swiss cheese, turkey, ham and pickles. Sprinkle black pepper on, then top with other slice of bread. Toast in panini machine or in skillet with a sandwich press. Remove when warm. Serve.

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