Sandwich #160 and #161–“Hurry Up” Elvis Sandwich, Two Ways

By 300 Sandwiches

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elvis Whenever my guy friends ask about the blog, they get so judgmental.
“How many sandwiches are you on?” they ask. I’ll explain.
“You better hurry up! You’ll never get engaged at that pace!”


I am doing JUST fine thankyouverymuch! My man is super excited for me to cook for him every day or so, and never once has he been like, “uh baby, why don’t you make me some mo’ sandwiches? Girl, you know I’m hungry, and you need to be in that kitchen if you want that ring.” Whether I make two sandwiches a day or two a week, E smiles, says thank you, and says how lucky he is each time he’s given one.

Besides, it’s not a race! I’m not going to slap together bologna on white bread 300 times in a day just so I can get engaged! These sandwiches are carefully thought out tasty meals made with love.

Besides, has your woman ever made YOU a sandwich?


So, to my male friends who dare thinks that I’ll “never get engaged at the pace I’m moving,” I made TWO sandwiches at once this morning: The Elvis, done two ways. One is the traditional way, with banana, peanut butter and bacon. The other, with almond butter and pear. To be honest, I liked the pear version better. That sweet crunch of pear really provides a nice flavor against the bacon. But really, anything with bacon is a treat.

E ate them both, and loved every bite. He texted me a photo of the crumbs left on the plate, and told me he loved me. He did not ask, “when are you making me another one?” He did not say, “girl, you gots a LONG way to go before I go ring shopping!”

That is why he deserves 300 sandwiches.

And probably why my guy friends are still hungry.

4 pieces bread
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons almond butter
1 banana
1 pear
6 strips bacon
1 tablespoon honey

Cook bacon to desired crispness. Toast bread. Smooth on peanut butter on one piece of bread, almond butter on another. Layer bananas on the peanut butter, pear on the almond butter. Layer bacon strips on both. Drizzle honey. Top both with other piece of bread. Cut in half and serve. Makes two sandwiches. Try not to sing “Don’t Be Cruel” as you chew.

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