Sandwich #180–“Wanderlust” Ham and Pineapple on Pretzel Roll

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hawaiianThe weather is so delightful in New York City–it’s been a sky blue 70 degrees and sunny all week. But the sunshine got E and I thinking about our next vacation.

E is a big kitesurfer, but he hasn’t been able to surf along the beaches of New York all summer because he was working on this awesome app. He learned to kitesurf when he was single and traveling around to various surf hotspots with friends, and lived in Maui for a while shortly before we met.

When E gets trapped in the house on windy sunny days, he gets wistful for those times. Take this week when he’s been working long hours in preparation to launch his latest project. “I want to live someplace I can kite most of the year,” he blurted out while coding. “Like Maui.”

I too, have a soft spot in my heart for Hawaii, because my best friend, Tina, is from there and I’ve been longing to visit her in her home state. To quench our wanderlust, I made a Hawaiian sandwich—ham, pineapple, and sweet mustard on a pretzel roll.

Now–I know that Hawaiian bread exists. Problem is, they don’t carry it at my local grocery stores. And if I were better at planning in advance, I would have ordered some of it online. But we’re on-a-whim kinda cooks over here, so I went with pretzel bread, since I was able to find it easily at Trader Joe’s in the neighborhood.

Later on, I’ll do another Hawaiian sandwich, and use King’s Hawaiian bread.

Or…maybe we should source the bread locally and GO TO HAWAII.

1 6-inch pretzel roll
2 slices pineapple, cut into halves
6-8 slices smoked ham
2 tablespoons honey mustard
4-5 slices soft white cheese (I had Comte left over, so I used it)
1/4 cup macadamia nuts, crushed

(I actually grilled the pineapple on a grill pan or panini press, then sliced and layered on sandwich. You can skip this step if you like)

Spread mustard onto inside of pretzel roll. Sprinkle on macadamia nuts. Layer on cheese, ham and pineapple. Pop into the oven long enough for cheese to melt. Cut in half and serve.

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