Sandwich #295 and #296–“On Set” Chicken Club and Veggie Club Sandwiches

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These bad boys. These are not for your ladies who lunch.

These, the chicken club and veggie club sandwiches, are “feed the beast” club sandwiches. These were the two sandwiches I brought “on set” yesterday for a story in a major New York newspaper coming up soooon (that is, if I make deadline). The left, sandwich #295, is the chicken, yellow pepper coulis, bacon, provolone and Swiss club sandwich. The one on the right, sandwich #296, is the veggie delight—hummus, radishes, tabbouleh, red onions, cucumber and avocado, all packed into two layers each of whole wheat bread.

After this photo was taken, we used these sandwiches for our photo shoot in Midtown, which include us mugging for the camera and holding these large club sandwiches while we pretended to be deliciously in love. And then we had to stand near a greenspace located in between several office buildings that I commonly walk by to pick up lunch. The outdoor space was packed with men in blue button downs and ladies in shift dresses eating salad and takeout paninis from local delis. And here E and I were, standing in the middle of it all with a handmade bouquet and two of the largest club sandwiches Midtown worker bees had ever seen.

E grew so hungry during the shoot that he almost destroyed the “prop” and took a bite from one before we were finished. He took #295 back to his office for lunch. He said it was so large it was hard to eat.

The sandwiches look great on camera. Here’s hoping we look as good.

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