Sandwich #3–“Veggie Delight” Avocado, Swiss, Boston Bibb and Roasted Red Pepper

By 300 Sandwiches

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E is not partial towards green vegetables. He loathes broccoli. “The devil’s vegetable,” he told me, adding if I ever dared cook it for him he would throw it at me. He also hates spinach–him and Popeye don’t share the same culinary preferences.

He also considers alfalfa sprouts grass. “It’s worthless,” he says. “It has no nutritional value or propose.”

That means on most sandwiches, he prefers I use lettuce for the greens. Boston bibb is E’s favorite for sandwiches. Romaine works as well. Arugula is okay as long as it’s dressed with olive oil beforehand.

I decided to go the veggie route the other day for lunch because I didn’t feel like doing deli meat and I had an avocado that was perfectly ripe. Plus it was 80 degrees and sunny outside, reminding me that the both of us needed to look good on the beach and the healthy meal would be better for the hips. His and mine.

So I started with Arnold’s Whole Grain Oatnut bread. Arnold’s bread slices are huge, so they’re great for hungry man sandwiches. Then I spread on French’s yellow mustard. “I guess that’ll do,” E groaned. Sorry, we were out of “rich” dijon mustard. Get over it.

I stacked on bibb lettuce, and then swiss cheese. Then I cut up the avocado and layer the slices on. I finished with the roasted red pepper, which end up in the middle of the sandwich. I flopped on side of the sandwich onto another. Dunzo. Lunch is served.

Though the sandwich was tasty, I should have layered the red pepper below or inside the lettuce. That’s because the slices of red pepper were too slick against one another, and once I stacked up the two sides on top of each other, the sandwich slipped in my hands and fell apart. Layering the pepper in between the Boston Bibb and the swiss cheese would have provided more traction and prevented slippage.

Live and learn.

2 slices of bread
1/2 ripe avocado, sliced
3 strips roasted red pepper
1/2 cup Boston Bibb lettuce
2 tbsp mustard
2 slices swiss cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Lay slices of bread next to one another. Slather on mustard. On one side, layer on lettuce, then cheese. Slice the avocado, then layer on slices then avocado, then slices of roasted red pepper. On the other side, pile on layer of lettuce and another slice of swiss cheese. Stack one side on top of one another. Cut in half. Makes one sandwich.

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