Sandwich #299—“Too Big To…” The Dagwood

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298Dagwood I held out until the end to make the ultimate stacked sandwich—the Dagwood.

Tall. Wobbly. A tower of meat and cheese. All topped with an olive. I could have gone crazy here with the layers, but E had to be able to eat the damn thing. I couldn’t find a Tupperware large enough to hold the entire sandwich, so I wrapped it in wax paper and aluminum foil. It toppled over twice before I took the photo. But I made sure I got that olive on top!

The Dagwood is really made more for clip art and cartoons and art shoots, or on display at delis and frat houses. It’s a sandwich to be admired, but not to be eaten. Even E was intimidated by its size. Apparently it’s still sitting in the refrigerator at his office after I delivered it to him yesterday morning because he FORGOT TO TAKE IT WITH HIM. He does this often.

Nevertheless, it’s the second to last sandwich in my 300 quest.
The second to last freaking sandwich!!


One more, kids. One more.

4 pieces of bread
romaine hearts
slices of turkey
slices of roast beef
slices of soppressata
slices of cheddar cheese
slices of provolone cheese
slices of radishes
slices of cucumber
slices of red onion

You can layer on your favorite meats, cheeses and vegetables in whatever order you like. I used the list above, and proceeded as such:

Lay out four pieces of bread. Smooth mustard on all four pieces. Place romaine hearts on all four pieces. On one piece, layer turkey. Another piece layer, roast beef. Another piece, layer soppressata. On roast beef, layer cheddar cheese. On turkey, layer cucumber. On sorpressata, layer red onion. On provolone, layer cucumber. Stack on piece of bread onto another, and then stack another on top of the sandwich. Top with last piece of bread, mustard side down. Stick a toothpick with an olive on top for garnish. Makes one sandwich.

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