Sandwich #86–“Rainy Day” Bacon, Swiss and Carmelized Onion Grilled Cheese

By 300 Sandwiches

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DSC_0360 E sure is dedicated to his craft. The first thing he does after putting on that godforsaken white (actually beige, after a year of wear) robe of mine/his is fire up his Apple MacBook Air and start coding. Seven days a week, he puts in a good 10 hours of work, often well past midnight. “Baby, I love what I do,” he says.

I love what I do, too, but I procrastinate like the dickens before I crack down in front of my computer and start typing. It’s horrible. It’s shocking I actually get copy out. This is why I work at a daily paper–tight deadlines keep me on task. As do editors who scream very loudly when I do not meet them.

A rainy day over the weekend was a perfect day for me to get some serious work done around the house on projects I haven’t finished. E was determined to help me, too. I hadn’t cleaned up some junk around his office that I’d received over the holidays. A pair of headphones given to me as a gift were still sitting on his desk; the box was tossed on the floor. “Honey, when are you going to deal with that?” E asked. “I’ll get ’em,” I said, as I dashed out to a yoga class.

When I came in with groceries after yoga, E had cleaned the kitchen and made the bed. He also put that box from the headphones on the bed. “You have an issue with unfinished projects around the house. I’m going to help you finish one. I put the box from your headphones on the bed, and you’re not allowed to go to sleep unless the box is thrown out.”

Fine. I took the box from the bed, closed it up and put it in the hall closet to deal with after I made grilled cheese sandwiches. I was hungry, and I needed nourishment to work on household chores. Plus, the tasty sandwich kept E distracted from looking in the closet to see I hadn’t really dealt with the box problem.

At least I tackled one project tackled today—lunch.

4 pieces bread
1 onion, sliced
2 tablespoons butter
2 pinches salt
1 cup arugula
3-4 strips bacon
3-4 slices Swiss cheese
2 tablespoons red currant jam

Caramelize onions–take your butter and salt, melt in medium sized skillet on medium heat, the cook onions until clear and brown, stirring frequently (this will take you about 40 minutes, so leave some time).

Meanwhile, cook bacon to desired crispness in a separate pan.

When both are done, lay out pieces of bread. Butter one side of each piece of bread. Then on the unbuttered sides of bread, slather on red currant jam. Then layer Swiss cheese, then bacon, then carmelized onions, then arugula. Top the ingredient-layered pieces of bread with the other sides of bread, buttered side up. Warm sandwiches over medium heat in skillet, placing a sandwich press on top to hold together. Warm until cheese melts, flipping once. Remove from heat, cut in half and serve. Makes two whole sandwiches.

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