Sandwich #45–“Get Skinny” Apple and Almond Butter Sandwich

By 300 Sandwiches

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E and I were channeling our inner Olivia Newton John and Billy Blanks (remember him?! I used to do those Tae-Bo videos in my living room when my parents were at work) to get healthy after a decadent two-week vacation. Caipirinhas with every meal added tons of extra sugar and calories to our Brazilian diets. With the holidays coming up, there would be more indulgences to come, but at least we could eat healthy on the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

E rushed out to CrossFit this morning, and I went on a short run before getting ready for a busy day that included attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I was going to be interviewing the most beautiful women on Earth backstage at the biggest lingerie show in the world. Talk about intimidating. Not only do these women–a fair share of them Brazilian–have perfect faces, but their bodies are crafted like Barbie dolls: ┬ápin-thin legs that extend for what seems like miles, taut, tiny waists and perky, ample bosoms. It’s enough to make a girl never want to eat again. And hit the gym more often.

I think men get the same feeling when they see Daniel Craig as James Bond. His muscle packed physique looks impeccable in a suit or a Speedo. And he gets to carry guns and drive fast cars and get hot chicks. That must make a dude want to work out. “It’s motivating,” E said. Hence, his newfound interest in CrossFit.

Alas, I wanted to make a healthy breakfast for E and I. Apple and almond butter on nutty multigrain bread would fuel hard-bodied champions like ourselves (fake it ’til you make it, kids). Switching in natural almond butter for peanut butter added more natural vitamins and minerals. E and I split one sandwich between the two of us, cutting even more calories. My thighs felt slimmer already. E looked at me cross-eyed when I asked about his own thighs.

4 slices bread
1/2 apple, sliced
3 tablespoons almond butter
sprinkle of cinnamon

Toast bread slices, then lay flat on workable surface. Slather on almond butter on all four slices. Layer the apple slices on the bread slices coated with almond butter. Sprinkle on cinnamon, and top with the other slices of bread, almond butter side down. Makes 2 sandwiches.

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