I am a writer living in Brooklyn with my boyfriend of two years, E. Though he is the better chef of our twosome, he is satisfied with me making him a sandwich every once in a while.

One day, I made E a turkey and Swiss sandwich on toasted wheat bread. E got so excited, he ate the entire meal without coming up for air. Then he made the declaration, “honey, you’re three hundred sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”

I had no idea a sandwich could be so transformative. So, I hit the kitchen.

300 Sandwiches tracks the journey between two people in love as they share experiences and emotions through food. The blog chronicles our adventures, arguments, holidays, special times and average days over the course of 300 sandwiches.

I will learn how to cook amazing food, we will learn more about each other, and hopefully my boyfriend will make good on his promise.

Even if he doesn’t, the journey will be tasty enough for me. And I hope for you, too.

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