Sandwich #217–“Stoner Road Trip” Nine Flavor PB & J

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217nineflavorpbjLOI took that kid’s idea from Pinterest and made it my own. I also got a tummy ache.

E and I went to Lake Placid this weekend, our first snowboard trip of the season. We got a late start because we went out the night before and discovered pear cocktails at West Village bar Bobo that were irresistible. After popping some Advil for my hangover, we packed up, retrieved our boards and boots from storage and headed out.

Before we left, I wanted to make those nine-flavored PB & J sandwiches for the road. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to the store,” I told E.

I picked up Marshmallow Fluff, Nutella, and Jif crunchy peanut and brought them to the checkout counter at my local deli. The guy behind the counter tried hard not to judge. But I know he did—I knew he thought I was a huge pot head with a case of the morning munchies. I mean, marshmallow fluff? “She’s the only person that buys this stuff,” he said to himself. “We haven’t restocked since 2001.”

E was already packed up and sitting in the car when I came back with the goods. “I’ll need ten minutes,” I told him. And then I went to work: marshmallow fluff, Nutella, peanut butters, raspberry preserves and that apple butter, this time polishing off the jar.

E came upstairs to rush me along. “What are you doing?”
“Sandwiches! For the road!” I declared. “Want me to make you one?”
He looked disgusted at the jars of sugar and peanut butter assembled around the cutting board. “Pack it up. I’ll eat it later.”

When we got an hour into the trip, E pulled off for lunch. “Let’s hit Panera.”
“Wait, you don’t want one of my sandwiches?”
“That,” he said, “is not lunch.”
“For stoners it is!”

He eventually had a bite, as did I, and I have to admit they were way too sweet for me. Plus the flavors all mashed together, there was nothing distinct about them. Maybe it’s a problem with my layering. I did all of my fruits on one side and chocolate and nuts on the other, just like the Pinterest photo, thinking when layered on top of another you would get a mix of fruit and nut. But all I got was a tummy ache.

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“Stoner Road Trip” Nine Flavor PB & J
2 slices bread
1 spoonful smooth peanut butter
1 spoonful crunchy peanut butter
1 spoonful jam
1 spoonful apple butter
1 spoonful Nutella
1 spoonful Marshmallow Fluff

On one slice of bread, spread your peanut butter, Nutella and crunchy peanut butter widthwise in rows. On another slice of bread, spread jam, apple butter and Marshmallow fluff lengthwise in rows. Stack on top of one another, slice and serve.

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