Sandwich #224–“Warm the Soul” Mozzarella and Roasted Tomato Grilled Cheese

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224roasttomagrillLO2E and I have a bit of cabin fever.

On another wet slushy snowy day in Brooklyn, my world traveling boyfriend sends me articles every day about moving to LA or Portland or Hawaii. “Why do we spend all of this money to live someplace so grey and disgusting?” he grumbled this morning.

I can think of many. Our jobs are here, our friends are here, we have bills to pay, our lease doesn’t run out until April….

I’ve been reading a lot about risk takers lately. I admire people who can start a business, or switch careers in midstride, or pick up and move to another country without thinking of how it could all go wrong. My friend Bradford just left his sizzling startup to start a consultancy business. And this girl seems to travel the world doing yoga, and making a good living from it considering she holds classes and workshops in different countries every week. She also has thousands of devoted Instagram followers, including me. These people took risks to do what they loved, and had faith that it would all work out. From my perspective, it has. They’re happy doing what they love where they want to do it.

E is cut from the same cloth. If someone asked E to leave New York tomorrow and go to Hawaii, he’d pack his bags and say “Aloha!” What will he do for work? “I’ll figure it out,” he says. If someone were to ask me the same question, I’d say no. “What will I do for work?” I always watch out for obstacles. E only sees the pot of gold.

I should have a bit more dreamer in me. It’s the only way it will get us out of our daily grind and off to more adventures. Or at least out of our winter doldrums. “Take a risk!” E reminded me the other day via text. “Hippies do it all the time.”

Anyway, I made grilled cheese today because we needed something warm and toasty on this cold day, but I needed something to relax the worrywart in me. While I assembled roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, a bit of greens on wheat bread (I really need to make my own bread one day!), E grumpily watched the weather. “Let’s go to Maui!” he said, half joking. This time, I didn’t worry about the what ifs. I just smiled. We ate the sandwiches while looking at Maui real estate online.

E pulled up the weather report for Maui on his iPhone. “Seventy degrees at dawn,” E said. Maybe it is time to take some risks.

I grew up in Michigan and moved to NYC. And I’m done. Weather in NY is awful (too hot or too cold with 5 minutes of transitional seasons in between) but at least NYC is exciting. Well anyway, I’m done with that. I want to kiteboard within an earshot (Maui, Portland), and snowboard within 2 hours (Portland, I’m looking at you). Hell, in Tokyo like most of Europe or wherever else even marginally sane people live, the winters are mid-40’s and that’s totally doable next to Polar Vortex Winter Butt-town where we pay a fortune to live amongst an increasing population of bankers.
4 pieces bread
4 small tomatoes, quartered
4 or 5 slices mozzarella cheese
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 clove garlic, crushed
salt and pepper
handful of arugula
pat of butterRoast tomatoes: Set oven to 400 degrees. in a shallow oven safe dish, add quartered tomatoes, parsley, two tablespoons olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Combine, pop in the oven and roast for about a half hour or so.

Drizzle greens in one tablespoon olive oil. Then on bread slices, layer on cheese, tomato and greens, stack another slice of bread on top, and melt in panini press or in skillet with melted pat of butter on medium heat. Remove, slice and serve. Makes two sandwiches.

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