Sandwich #286–“Brazilian Flashbacks” Bauru Sandwich

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286baumbuLOSome sandwiches take me outside of the kitchen. Like this Brazilian sandwich, the Bauru. It reminds me of beaches, jeeps and sand dunes.

The Bauru is a popular Brazilian sandwich named after a law student who invented the meal. They eat these in Brazil like Americans eat Big Macs. Scratch that—more like Whoppers really, since the guy who invented it did so after he walked into a local cafe and ordered the roast beef, tomato and pickle sandwich his way—-as you do (or did) at Burger King— and the sandwich became known as the Bauru.

It reminded me of the vacation E and I took to Brazil two years ago. We visited Jericoacoara, in the north, which is only accessible by a four hour journey via bus or jeep, and the last 45 minutes take you over windy sand dunes with no streets or gas stations or anyone else out in the desert to help you with directions. Rio was a bit more populated, to say the least. One of our favorite memories was ordering a pressed sausage sandwich with a mojito and a large umbrella and chilling out while we watched buff locals play volleyball and jog down Ipanema beach.

I made E a small bauru, with roast beef, mozzarella, pickles and pan roasted tomatoes, and served it while he sat on the couch with a glass of Bordeaux and his laptop on his lap. Not as scenic as Brazil, but just as relaxing.

1 French roll or baguette
4 or 5 slices roast beef
4 or 5 small cherry tomatoes
3 or 4 pickles
2 or 3 slices mozzarella
black pepper
red pepper chili flakes (optional)
pat butter

Hollow out some of the insides of the roll or baguette. Inside, stack mozzarella, roast beef, tomatoes, and pickles. Sprinkle on black pepper and red chili flakes if desired. Melt a pat of butter in a small skillet. Place sandwich in skillet on low heat and toast until cheese has melted. Remove from skillet, slice in half and serve. Makes one sandwich.

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