Sandwich #198–“Pot Kettle Black” Baba Ganoush with Peppers and Greens

By 300 Sandwiches

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198babaganoushLONow that I finally had edible baba ganoush, I could make a light sandwich for E’s lunch, which I had to do to save face after hanging out late the night before.

Last weekend, E and I were invited to a birthday dinner, but I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed in. I assumed he would be home around midnight after the festivities. But he strolled in at 3 AM! I was fuming: “You couldn’t call or text and say you were going to be late?” I said. And then I was embarrassed for myself because I was acting like the controlling, nagging girlfriend I so didn’t want to be. Even my mom scolded me for scolding him: “He could have texted, but don’t make him feel bad for having a good time.” E apologized and bought me flowers, and promised in the future to text if late so I don’t stay up and worry.

But on Wednesday night, I unintentionally took a page from the Pot Calling the Kettle Black Playbook. I went out without E, and I was planning to be home early. But first I hit up a gala downtown, then mosied on over to an after-party for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where I sat surrounded by models, bottles of booze and men who enjoy both of those things. Then I got caught up with friends who wanted to hit up the after- after-party. So here I am, swilling Champagne and hanging out with ridiculously good looking lingerie models until 2 in the morning, while E was at home alone. On my way home I thought, ‘I should buy HIM flowers’. Or at the very least make him lunch tomorrow.

So yesterday, I got it together, and finally finished that damn baba ganoush I had already failed to finish three times. The spread, slathered on flatbread with red and green peppers and greens, made a light and easy sandwich that showed my appreciation for E. It also said “I shouldn’t have been annoyed at you for staying out late when I went and did the same thing.”

Hallmark should really have a greeting card for that.

1 flatbread or wrap
2 heaping tablespoons baba ganoush
1 cup greens
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 green pepper
1/2 red pepper
salt and pepper to taste

Toast flatbread (I usually heat it in a skillet over medium heat for a few seconds). Lay out bread and spread baba ganoush down the middle. Dress your greens in olive oil and salt and pepper, then pile on the baba ganoush. Layer on peppers. Fold in the top and bottom, then fold in the sides. Tuck in, turn over, and cut on the diagonal. Serve.

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