Wakey Wakey! Eggs and Bakey!

Island Baby, a.k.a a Caribbean-Inspired Dutch Baby

We’re off to a strong start to 2018 after a lazy end to 2017. While the rest of the world was out drinking and dancing or standing in freezing cold Times Square, E and I were passed out on the couch in the middle of “Girl’s Trip,” only to be awaken by a teething baby. We […]

Back to School Breakfast Crepes

Though some kids head back to school in late August, the day after Labor Day is usually considered back to school day for adults. Today, we head back to offices or other work spaces after a lazy weekend and a slower paced summer, and get ready to buckle down again on fall projects. No matter where […]

Christmas Morning Gingerbread Pancakes

Christmas Eve, y’all. I’m not concerned with the presents or Santa. I’m concerned about breakfast. Merry merry gingerbread pancakes! E and I are headed up to Vermont for Christmas. As you know, E and I are avid snowboarders, and we’ve been going to Vermont the past couple of winters. The conditions had been pretty good […]

Eggnog Waffles For Your Holiday Brunch

Seems it’s Eggnog Week here at 300. Hey, I’m on a roll here. Yesterday I shared our recipe for holiday eggnog. The only reason E and I didn’t drink the entire vat of it is because we had to hit two holiday parties later than evening in Connecticut, a road trip away from our cozy apartment […]

"GMA" Thanksgiving Morning After Monte Cristo

This is what you need to make in the morning of Thanksgiving, when you somehow have digested all of the food from the night before but you are STILL STARVING! One cannot subsist on Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie alone. Not even if your name is James Wright and you sing like a bird. I […]
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Forbidden Sandwich: Kale Pesto and Roasted Tomato Breakfast Sandwich

I’ve been thinking more about what goes into my body lately.

Celebrating National Coffee Day

It’s one of my favorite national holidays. National Coffee Day!

Breakfast of the Newly Hired---Open Faced Italian Fried Egg Sandwiches

You would have thought I would have eaten a breakfast of champions before going to my new job at Yahoo Food, right? Nope.

Meerkating and Breakfast

Though I work in media, started a blog documenting my relationship and wrote a memoir slash cookbook, I am a shy person. But this blog, and being on social media and having articles written about me and my sandwiches, have helped me to not only break out of my shell a bit, but to have […]

Sandwich #282--"E's Sunday Breakfast" Bagel and Smoked Salmon Sandwich

I don’t like smoked salmon. But this whole 300 thing is not about me.

Holiday Breakfast: Pumpkin Pecan Scones

We have less than two weeks until Thanksgiving. Time to start planning out dinner.

Breakfast of Champions--Avocado Toast

The only thing getting me through this week is avocado toast.

Granola Bars That Actually Hold Together

Could it be I finally made granola bars that stuck together?

Sandwich #264--"Deadlines and Day Trips" Egg Frittata Sandwiches

When you are headed out of town, and you’re hungry, and you get a call from work which requires you to file on deadline before you leave, and you’re getting screamed at by your fiancé to “hurry up”, the only thing suitable enough for this special type of road trip lunch is a frittata sandwich.

Homemade Ricotta, or The One Ingredient to Completely Turn Out Your Brunch

Goodness, why didn’t we do make our own damn ricotta earlier?

Condiment Corner: Yellow Spicy Tomato Jam

It’s the dog days of summer. And the best time to find juicy, big-as-your-head heirloom tomatoes.

The Wild Sandwich: Scrambled Eggs with Wild Ramp Butter

I’m good at foraging chocolate. Shoe sales. Plane tickets to tropical locations. Fresh vegetables in Prospect Park? Not so much.

Sandwich #252--"Happy Birthday, E" Cake Batter French Toast Sandwich

E’s birthday was yesterday.  He had a short list of things he wanted:

Sandwich #235--"Just For Laughs" Bangers and Mash Sandwich

Some sandwiches aren’t really for consumption. They’re just for laughs.

Sandwich #233--"Waffles of Insane Greatness" Banana, Raspberry and Nutella Waffle Sandwiches

The first time I used my waffle machine, I made an insanely great sweet treat for my sweet.

Sandwich #212--"New Year Morning Boost" Peanut Butter, Banana, Pear and Chia Seed Wraps

The upcoming New Year got me thinking about goals for 2014:

Sandwich #210--"Team Effort" Eggnog French Toast Sandwiches

E certainly learned his lesson after sandwich #209.

Sandwich #201--"Thanksgiving Morning After" Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

E and I have plenty to do in the week before Thanksgiving.

Sandwich #196--"Manly Feelings" Egg Salad with Bacon and Dijon Mustard

E and I were both emotional over breakfast yesterday.

Sandwich #186--"Truffle Shuffle" Moliterno Cheese with Truffles and Fig Jam

Rating: E asked me out for a wine date last night (how sweet!), since we hadn’t seen each other outside of the apartment all week. When we got home, he turned to the refrigerator. “Guess what I got?” he said.

Sandwich #172--"Messy House" Ham and Cheese on a Roll

I looked around our house this morning. Clothes were everywhere. Trash hadn’t been taken out. Dirty dishes were piled in the sink. A cluttered house means a cluttered mind, and I had gone totally scatterbrained.

Sandwich #171--"Fashion Critics" Fried Egg and Pancetta on a Roll

E and I have often criticized each other’s wardrobe with the same sharp tongue as an editor during Fashion Week.

Sandwich #168--"Fuel for the Day" Egg and Avocado Toast

Day two of Fashion Week, and I’m already on fumes. So is E.

Sandwich #166--"Lazy Morning" Banana Bread Sandwich

I will be fasting for the next three days. Between the fried chicken, a few glasses of wine last night and today’s banana bread sandwiches, My thighs are crying. E’s might be, too.

Sandwich #164--"Labor Day Labor" Pesto Egg-in-a-Hole

Working on Labor Day? No way! This weekend, we made plans to get in some beach time for the last weekend of the summer.

Sandwich #155--"Three P's" Prosciutto, Parmesan and Pesto Croissant sandwich

Rating: Our herbs had grown to an obscene height–they’re almost larger than the bamboo tree we have back there near the door. The only way to tame the forest growing on our balcony is to prune—and make pesto.

Sandwich #153--"Flick of the Wrist" Crepe Fruit Roll Ups

Yawn. Brush teeth. Make coffee. Check e-mail. Think about breakfast. Check fridge. Crepes. Crepes could work.

Sandwich #148--"Recess Friday" Bagel with Ricotta, Banana and Apple Butter

Fridays are a day of recess. They’re for planning the weekend, lingering over breakfast and arriving at work with a smile knowing you don’t have to come back the next day.

Sandwich #147--"Towel Stealer" Sriracha Egg Salad Sandwich

E has a criminal past. He’s a towel stealer.

Sandwiches #132, 133 and 134: "Still Sexy" Fruit and Peanut Butter Wraps

The Sexy Project is working! Yesterday, E and I went to an event in Central Park, for which I wore a form fitting black dress with very low cut cleavage and sky high suede Miu Miu pumps. I was working a sexy 1920’s flapper look with my hair in an updo, and the dress’ below […]

Sandwich #129--"Growing Children" Tomato, Mozzarella and Scrambled Egg Breakfast Sandwich

E is raising the children in our herb garden to be bright, healthy young sprouts. The basil has grown into full, leafy stalks. Our dill is tall enough to come up to our knees. The mint is as big as a rose bush and our cilantro has flowered. I’m so proud of my little father. […]

Forbidden Food: Sliced Avocado

What we did this weekend: Kite surfed. Slept. Yoga. Dined with friends. Added avocado to E’s forbidden foods list.

Sandwich #116--"Garden Fresh" Banh Mi Breakfast Sandwich

Friday morning! E and I got up early to sip coffee on our patio, and ponder what nice things we were going to do for our mommies for Mother’s Day Sunday. I sent a card. E did not. Who’s the better child? Ha! (Just kidding, he means well. Besides, I should really send flowers, too.)

Sandwich #113---"Patio Break" Bananas and Peanut Butter Waffle Minis

E and I have totally different morning schedules. He works until 2 am and wakes up after 8, I’m up at 6:15 am for running/blogging/cooking/cleaning/teeth whitening/hellraising. Breakfast has been shortened to a two minute meeting over the stove.

Sandwich #112--"Damn You, Johnnie" Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuits Sandwich

E has this friend, Johnnie. He invites him to a lot of our parties. But every time Johnny shows up, there’s trouble. He makes E act silly, or makes E say silly things, or make E go to sleep and say nothing at all.

Sandwich #110--"Hungry!" Turkey, Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I’m training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, and this morning I did one of my longer runs. Afterwards, I prepared a protein heavy large breakfast, to keep up my strength. And my sanity. When I don’t eat, I’m intolerable.

Sandwich #107--"Practice Makes Perfect--Sort Of" Banana Muffins with Strawberries

Not every sandwich comes out tasty. Or photogenic. Each meal is an experiment, and not all of them turn out successful.

Sandwich #105--"Tax Woes" Brie and Pear Grilled Cheese

You know something serious has happened when E has a frown on his face. The poor thing got audited by the IRS, thanks to his former accountant. The penalties are enough to make anyone’s wallet cry.

Sandwich #102--"Russ & Daughters or Bust" Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød

Rating: Taking a page from the latest Bon Appetit, I wanted to put my nutritional needs aside and make E a smoked salmon smørrebrød for breakfast.

Sandwich #94--"Grab and Go Breakfast" Apple and Cinnamon Muffins with Banana

Rating: Last spring, E and I used to have coffee every morning together outside on our patio. It was our quality time to talk about our day, plan upcoming trips and share news about our friends before we got ready for work and headed out to the train together.

Sandwich #90--"Beach Body" Scrambled Egg White Sandwich with Peppers

E and I are planning a trip to Miami in a few weeks, partly for work, partly for play. This will involve time on the beach in very little clothing, which will expose parts of our body that may not be in the tightest form.

Sandwich #88--"For You, Dear (Not Me)" Smoked Salmon Crepe

Rating: Compromise and sacrifice. These are the hallmarks of many successful relationships. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you can’t always have things your way. You can’t pick the movie all the time, or the restaurant, or what color sheets you and your mate will sleep on. Breakfast is no different.

Sandwich #80 1/4--"Half Asleep" Fried Egg and Avocado

E’s assessment of this morning’s sandwich: “Boring. Unimaginative. Lazy. It’s like you sat on the couch and ate Cheetos instead of making me a nice breakfast. I have nothing nice to say.”

Sandwich #79--"Super Morning" Steak and Eggs Breakfast Sandwich

Rating: What the heck is more perfect on Super Bowl morning than a steak and eggs breakfast sandwich? A manly sandwich, made for linebackers and defensive ends and free safetys and…. um… lanky, surfer boyfriends like E!

Sandwich #67--"In the Doghouse" Scrambled Egg, Smoked Salmon and Chives

Rating: Last week, I took residence in the doghouse. I have an issue with being late, especially when it comes to meeting E for dinner or appointments during the week. No matter if I have one foot out the door, work will always keep me much later than expected. If I tell E I’m leaving […]

Sandwich #65--"Making It Last" French Toast Sandwich with Banana and Strawberry Jam

Rating: Sunday, December 30, was my parents’ 36th wedding anniversary. For any two people, that’s a remarkable union. Having had a front row seat to their relationship for most of that time, I can say with certainty they’ve manged to make it through with very few arguments and a ton of laughs. I called them […]

Sandwich #54--"Still in Robe" Fried Egg Sandwich

Rating: When E and I moved in together, my mother sent us a housewarming gift filled with little goodies for our first place together–candles, dishrags, a decorative cup or two. She also sent a white, terry cloth robe with a matching blanket that was intended for me, but E saw it first and claimed it. […]

Sandwich #48--"New Stuff" Banana, Walnut, Ricotta and Honey Sandwich

E and I were stocking up for our Thanksgiving feast. New dishes, serving bowls, wine glasses, table decor, and the turkey and trimmings were on our shopping list. The other day, we went to Crate & Barrel and bought three oversized, beautiful porcelain white serving bowls to serve the stuffing and vegetables. I thought we’d […]

Sandwich #45--"Get Skinny" Apple and Almond Butter Sandwich

E and I were channeling our inner Olivia Newton John and Billy Blanks (remember him?! I used to do those Tae-Bo videos in my living room when my parents were at work) to get healthy after a decadent two-week vacation. Caipirinhas with every meal added tons of extra sugar and calories to our Brazilian diets. […]

Sandwich #44--"The Monte Christie" Monte Cristo

One good thing that came out of kitesurfing was that E wanted to get in better shape. Running is what I do to stay sane and stay skinny. I love getting outside, listening to music and keeping pace to thumping beat of dance music while letting my thoughts wander. Each morning, I throw my running […]

Forbidden Sandwich #2: Spinach, Mushroom and Egg White Wrap

As E was basking himself in the warm South American sun while I was at work being cooked by rays from my computer screen, I asked E his feelings on another forbidden vegetable: spinach. “NEVER ON ANYTHING. EVER. It’s gross, and so was Popeye,” he spat on text message. “Wasn’t he a hero?” I asked. […]

Sandwich #38-- "I Let You Win" Crepe with Strawberry, Banana and Nutella

Remember that argument E and I had of whether or not a crepe is a sandwich? Yeah, I totally won that one. By itself, an actual crepe is more of a pancake. But it could be used like bread as part of a sandwich. Once you add filling, whether savory or sweet, you can wrap […]

Sandwich #36--"Senior Moments" Breakfast Burrito

According to E and I, a burrito counted as a sandwich. Simple math, people: Burrito= Wrap. Wrap=sandwich. Breakfast burritos were supposed to be easy. But it all went haywire when I started cooking.

Sandwich #33--"Easy Breezy" Waffle Sandwich with Strawberries and Blackberries

Some days, it doesn’t need to be complicated. We were both starving. Neither one of us wanted to get out of our pjs and go to the market. I took inventory of the refrigerator. Frozen waffles. Fruit. Butter. Perfect. Waffle sandwiches. I didn’t even have to use a skillet or pans for this meal. E […]

Sandwich #31--"Dirty Dishes" Sausage and Egg Sandwich

The night before the end of Fashion Week, I capped of a full day of covering events and shows with a late meal at Harry Cipriani (where, in fact, I spotted Naomi Campbell near the bar). When I finally made it home, E was already in bed. But I didn’t head to the bedroom to […]

Sandwich #27--"Cheese Hoarder" Poached Eggs, Bacon and Parmesan Breakfast Sandwich

We had our first house guest spending the night at our place: my best friend T was in town from Hawaii. You would have thought that I would have woke up early to greet my friend and get breakfast started. Nope, I was too ensnarled in my dreams and the bed sheets to get up […]

Sandwich #26--"French Tuesdays" Croque Madame

“Croque madame,” E suggested over text message. “You eat ham?” I asked. I learn something new about my boyfriend every day. I’m not too fond of white creamy sauces (my thighs expand at the mere sight of them), nor was I looking forward to having to top this cheesy sandwich with a runny egg. But […]

Sandwich #22-- "Watch the Hole" One-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich

The thing I admire most about E is that he’s always happy in the morning. No matter if he’s hung over or hasn’t gotten 8 hours of shuteye, or it’s raining out or he has a tough day of work ahead of him, he’s always in a good mood when he wakes up. “Good morning, […]

Sandwich #18: "Early Rise" Egg and Avocado Sandwich

E woke up at 7 am on Sunday morning. I needed a few more minutes of shuteye, and didn’t stumble to the kitchen until an hour later. “Coffee,” I muttered. “Breakfast!” he chirped, but hadn’t started cooking. I looked in our refrigerator and noticed we had more than a dozen eggs, plus we had fresh […]

Sandwich #16 and #17--Bacon, Lettuce and "I Hate Tomato" Sandwiches

Me: I’m going to make BLTs this morning. E: Ooh! That sounds great. Except I hate tomato. Me: What?! But you eat them in salads? E: I hate them on sandwiches. They’re slimy. Especially if they have the seeds in them. Bleach! It’s just weird. Me: But you just ate fried green tomatoes on a […]

Sandwiches #12, 13, and 14--Ricotta and Fruit "Wake Up to Sunshine" Breakfast Sandwich

Friday morning means a slow rise from bed, coffee on the balcony until right before 9 am, and plans made for the weekend. E and I planned to spend all weekend at the beach, and that got me inspired to make a breakfast sandwich that tasted like pure summer. Ricotta cheese and fruit is the […]
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