Sandwich #79–“Super Morning” Steak and Eggs Breakfast Sandwich

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DSC_0263What the heck is more perfect on Super Bowl morning than a steak and eggs breakfast sandwich? A manly sandwich, made for linebackers and defensive ends and free safetys and…. um… lanky, surfer boyfriends like E!

I had in mind to cook a “breakfast of champions” with the steak from yesterday’s Crock-Pot meal, then pop in chicken, barbecue sauce and seasonings into the CP for tonight’s Super Bowl party. Before I stared cooking, I went to gym to get me in a “champion” state of mind. E, however was too busy to hit the gym. He also was too impatient to wait until I came back from the gym to enjoy my steak and eggs and instead cooked a whimpy goat cheese and herb omelet for himself.

“Dude, you’re about to have two breakfasts,” I declared.

I whipped up the steak and eggs with the quickness as the pulled chicken for Kammy’s Super Bowl bash warmed in the CP. A fried egg on top with chopped parsley finished it off. E came out of his office and couldn’t grab silverware and the New York Times sports section fast enough.

6 more hours until kickoff. Only 3 more until my pulled chicken is ready.

It was not a whimpy omelette. I do not make such omelettes. It had tasty goat cheese, some herbs and sun dried tomatoes. It was excellent. Also excellent was this creation: the egg yolk running through the meat and bread, distributing its gooey goodness throughout the entire sandwich. She still daren’t eat egg yolk herself (weird), but I’m still holding out hope that one day she will.
(use meat recipe from sandwich #78:”Pre-Game Philly Cheesesteak)
1 egg
1/4 cup parsley, chopped
1 roll
1/2 cup arugula
2-3 slices Provolone cheese

Fry egg until desired temp. Set aside.
Assemble sandwiches: toast roll. Layer on Provolone cheese, then arugula. Spoon on meat and peppers. Then layer another quick layer of provolone Then carefully place egg on top, and sprinkle on parsley. Using a spatula, lift sandwich into a medium, non-stick skillet and warm on medium heat until cheese melts, about three minutes. Carefully remove from heat and place top of roll on top. Serve (with knife and fork. Egg yolk will be runny!).

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