Sandwich #22– “Watch the Hole” One-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich

By 300 Sandwiches

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The thing I admire most about E is that he’s always happy in the morning. No matter if he’s hung over or hasn’t gotten 8 hours of shuteye, or it’s raining out or he has a tough day of work ahead of him, he’s always in a good mood when he wakes up. “Good morning, pretty face,” he tells me, and proceeds to crank on happy jazz or dance music on the stereo while I’m still getting my eyes to focus.

E’s favorite breakfast sandwich is the “one eye.” It’s the sandwich his mom made for him as a kid that was a household favorite. “Even our dog Summer insisted on one if I was making them for the family,” E’s mom told me. I wanted to try and make my own version for E, but it’s a lot of pressure to cook something “like mom used to make” for your man.

From the moment I cut the bread, E had his eye on me. “A little thinner, honey,” he said as I cut the bread. “That’s a HUGE hole!!” he said as I tore the inside of the bread away to make room for the egg to cook. And I knew that I’d better undercook those eggs so that they oozed from the bread on the plate, just like E prefers.

Five minutes later, the sandwiches were cooked. “Babe! Those look good!” he declared. When the egg yoke pooled under the bread as he cut it open, I knew I’d cooked it just right.
“Honey, I’m proud of you,” E said. I hoped his mom was, too.


three slices of bread (your choice, but the thicker, the better)
three eggs
handful of chives, chopped
2 tablespoons of butter

Heat the butter in a large non stick skillet. Lay out slices of bread on a cutting board. Cut or tear a just under two inch diameter hole in the middle of the sandwich (the hole should be slightly larger than a half dollar). Place the slices in the heated skillet, getting the butter to coat both sides of the bread. Allow the bread to toast in the pan for about two minutes on each side. Then gently crack an egg in the middle of each slice of bread. Let the egg cook two minutes, then gently flip over the sandwich and allow other side to cook for less than a minute if you like your eggs runny. Cook for just over a minute if you want your eggs hard. Top with chopped chives and pepper. Serve.

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