Sandwich #201–“Thanksgiving Morning After” Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

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201eggturkeyLOE and I have plenty to do in the week before Thanksgiving.

We still have to get our menu set and get the bulk of our groceries, but we ordered our turkey earlier this week (whoop whoop! Thanks, Fairway!) and just e-mailed our Thanksgiving guests suggestions of what to bring: “Booze, sides, or dessert, but nothing that involves the stove. E and I are the only cooks allowed in the kitchen. After all, we are your hosts,” I wrote in an e-mail. (Oh, and Amanda, you were last to RSVP, so don’t forget the caviar!)

E and I also have to work on our tablescape, i.e. decor for our table setting. Last year, we labored over it for days, debating every little napkin or side dish. After E took over the project, he ended up sculpting a chic and woodsy space. This year, we just need to fill out our centerpiece with some fresh fruit, candles, and taxidermy, which thanks to my hunter-gatherer father, will add an authentic country touch.

In thinking about T-Day, I wanted to make a good turkey leftovers breakfast sandwich. I’m usually too full after Thanksgiving to eat before noon the next day. The only thing I can nibble on before lunchtime is a biscuit. But for a more well-balanced breakfast, I made scrambled eggs with chives, turkey and cheese combined with chili butter on a bagel while E and I did our Thanksgiving planning. Using mini bagels yielded just big enough sandwiches to leave us satisfied, but not too full.

If you need something quick in the morning for Black Friday shopping, this is your breakfast of consumer champions. If you’re still full, then go on back to bed and don’t return to the kitchen until your stomach is growling.

2 mini bagels (or, if you’re hungry, regular sized bagels)
4 to 5 slices turkey
2 to 3 slices cheddar cheese
5 eggs
2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives
2 tablespoons butter
pinch red chili flakes
salt and pepper, to taste

Scramble eggs to desired doneness (E likes his runny and loose). When almost finished, toss chopped chives into eggs and give it one more stir. Shake on salt and pepper to taste.

Toast bagels. Combine butter and chili flakes in small bowl, then butter bagels with the spiced butter. Place cheddar, then turkey, then eggs, then top with other side of bagel. Pop back into hot oven for a few minutes to allow the cheese to melt. Remove, and serve.

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