Sandwich #186–“Truffle Shuffle” Moliterno Cheese with Truffles and Fig Jam

By 300 Sandwiches

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figtruffle E asked me out for a wine date last night (how sweet!), since we hadn’t seen each other outside of the apartment all week. When we got home, he turned to the refrigerator. “Guess what I got?” he said.

E pulled out cheese he picked up at Fairway–moliterno with black truffle. “Taste this.”
It was like eating a real truffle, just creamier. “This would make the richest grilled cheese ever.”

That’s exactly what I made for breakfast. I thought figs would be tasty with that decadent cheese, so I went on a search through my neighborhood. I never found fresh figs (I guess there’s a fig shortage in Brooklyn. Who knew?), but I did find a whole jar of fig jam in our fridge. While E made scrambled eggs, I assembled the sandwiches.

As we ate breakfast, E partook in one of his favorite sports–quoting movies from the Eighties. Apparently the sandwich sparked memories of this scene from “The Goonies.” Yes, I saw the movie. No, I don’t remember every line of a movie I saw when I was 8. But by gosh, my boyfriend sure has that ability!

This easy sammie is great anytime, whether for a late night snack or for breakfast (and if your market doesn’t have this specific cheese, I found a place online that carries it.) I’d even cut it into quarters and share it with more friends because it’s so rich. I will not, however, quote from “The Goonies” as I cook.

Ab—-solutely delicious. (Say it like Gordon Ramsay). Black truffles go with almost anything. But the best place in the world for them? Creamy scrambled eggs. Truth!
2 pieces multigrain bread
2 teaspoons fig jam
4-5 slices truffle cheese

Bread. Jam. truffle cheese. Warm in hot skillet or in panini press. Cut in half or quarters. Serve.

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