Sandwich #235–“Just For Laughs” Bangers and Mash Sandwich

By 300 Sandwiches

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235bangersmashLOSome sandwiches aren’t really for consumption. They’re just for laughs.

The bangers and mash—sausage and mashed potatoes on an English muffin. The name itself is just funny.

Dirty little secret—I don’t like sausage or mashed potatoes. To me, sausage==weird ground up mystery meat. Mashed potatoes are too starchy and bland. I will only taste mashed potatoes when they have wasabi in them. I don’t even have a good recipe for mashed potatoes because I’m just not a fan. If I had my own Forbidden Foods list, bangers and mash would be on it.

But E liked the sandwich, which he scarfed down for breakfast. And if he likes it, it counts.

English muffin
sausage link, sliced
mashed potatoes
greens (optional)
gravy (optional. I omitted because I used wasabi in the potatoes)

Toast English muffin. Layer some greens on, then smooth on mashed potatoes and layer on sausage. Top with English muffin, and serve.

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