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What Super Bowl Sunday Means to Me

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not particularly attached to either team playing, and frankly I haven’t been paying attention to much of football this season because I was otherwise occupied with pregnancy, birth and baby. But this Sunday reminds me of a special bond I had with my own father over football. My dad, […]

What, No Sandwiches?

Not during this pregnancy. I thought I would inhale sandwiches from the second that little First Response stick showed two pink lines. But I didn’t. During the first trimester, bread was one of the foods that made me nauseous. Weird, as most women will often grab toast as a way to settle their stomach. For […]

The Ultimate Super Bowl Sandwich Picks

Super Bowl is not the time for fancy five-course dinners. It’s the perfect event for cheesy dips, big, boozy drinks and of course, sandwiches. Naturally, I have picks for the ultimate Super Bowl sandwiches you need to serve for the big game. And guess what? I won’t be vegan for the Feb. 7 matchup, so I […]

300’s Lunchbox Worthy Back to School Sandwiches

My nephews headed back to school this week, as many other kids have done or are prepping to in the coming weeks. For me, it brings back memories of new clothes, Trapper Keepers, and lunchboxes stuffed with mom’s homemade sandwiches.

Snowstorm Sandwiches and Activities

I had the day off yesterday and made good use of my spare time. I woke up, worked out, dropped of dry cleaning and cooked some food, including this upside down roast chicken. Yes, upside down.

Throwback Thursday

Me, about 4 years old, somewhere near Crater Lake, Oregon. Mom still made my sandwiches for me here. She probably packed a few for the hike we were on that day. I thought about mom packing a sandwich for me as I got my own lunch together for today—veggies and cream cheese on a bagel. […]

Just a Taste…

Oh how I love the smell of beer battered fish in the morning. Or at night. Or anytime really. Coming up tomorrow on 300 Sandwiches: beer battered mahi-mahi sandwiches. For today, I leave you with this mouth-watering teaser above. May your lunch today be as tasty.

The Big Bang Theory of Sandwich

This was rebroadcast last night when E and I got home. Nerds and sandwiches. Both are my life right now. (the first 30 seconds are about sandwiches. The rest is about buying a time machine online.)