What, No Sandwiches?

By 300 Sandwiches

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nosandwichNot during this pregnancy.

I thought I would inhale sandwiches from the second that little First Response stick showed two pink lines. But I didn’t. During the first trimester, bread was one of the foods that made me nauseous. Weird, as most women will often grab toast as a way to settle their stomach. For me, it just tasted like burnt cardboard.

Here and there, I was able to get down a bagel, or a toasted, plain pita, but traditional slices of whole wheat bread made me gag. So, I avoided eating sandwiches.

After the first trimester, things got little better. I could eat toasted English muffins with jam or peanut butter. So EMPB&Js were possible. Further along, I could get down chicken salad from my work cafeteria on toasted seven grain bread, or a veggie wrap with spinach, Swiss cheese, roasted peppers, avocado and cucumber. But those sandwiches were the occasional meals only scarfed down when I was too exhausted or pressed for time to grab anything else.

What have comprised my go to pregnancy meals include simply cooked chicken or fish over brown rice with vegetables and leafy greens. I’ve eaten some permeation of that during lunch and dinner most nights, without bread. Hummus and pita are an occasional snack, but veggies stuffed into a pita for a sandwich has not been. I haven’t even had a lobster roll all summer! And I cannot remember the last time I had a grilled cheese.

It’s quite interesting to see how your taste buds completely change when you’re pregnant. It will be even funnier to see what I was right after the baby is born. Will grilled cheese reenter my life? Will I ever eat a BLT every again? Time, and cravings, will tell.


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