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upsidedownchixLO2I had the day off yesterday and made good use of my spare time. I woke up, worked out, dropped of dry cleaning and cooked some food, including this upside down roast chicken. Yes, upside down.

I got distracted by watching Jim Cantore get blown around on The Weather Channel and put the chicken breast side down on the roasting rack to cook. It cooked perfectly fine, but I didn’t realize the gaffe until after I took the photo above and E asked me, “was that the best angle from which to take that photo from?” And then, he laughed profusely at my blunder. “Upside down chicken! No no no, Top Gun Chicken! See? ‘I was inverted’! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!” This continued for 8 hours. And then I told my mom. And she laughed, too. Sigh. WTF. Whatever. The meat was cooked, so it was still good.

I looked out the window this morning, and the snow is not as high as they expected. The travel ban was just lifted in New York, and the subways will be running again shortly. If you are still home bound during this continuing snowstorm, consider yourself lucky. Here’s some things to help you pass the time:

—Roast a chicken. If you’re really feeling like a rebel, cook it upside down (I swear that breast was just as flat as the bottom of the carcass!). Or, follow Julia Child’s classic recipe. Then, make some leftover sandwiches from it, like, #206, the chicken curried salad, and #230, the candied bacon and chicken wraps.

—Make some ridiculous cinnamon bread. And then make French toast with that ridiculous cinnamon bread. Because calories don’t count in a blizzard.

—Drink some killer hot chocolate. Bonus if you make homemade marshmallows.

Deep condition your hair, which I did it after the gym yesterday. Might as well beautify yourself while watching the weather. Here’s a quick, one ingredient deep conditioner: coconut oil. Soften, run oil through hair, let sit for an hour, rinse and style as usual.

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