Our Five Favorite Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwiches

By 300 Sandwiches

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202shooter1stLOSomehow, after cooking a 20 pound turkey, greens, stuffing, homemade bacon jam and a sweet potato pie, the 300 Sandwiches house has no leftovers. 

You heard me right.  We have no leftovers.

Yes, I just looked in the refrigerator, and yup, there is no turkey. Not even the wishbone.  And not one slice of pumpkin bourbon pie!

I don’t know if that’s a failure or a sign that the food was so good it all went quickly. But man, I sure could use a turkey sandwich right now. I’m hungry! And hung over.

But I’m sure you have leftovers. Lots of them. Plenty of turkey and trimmings taking up space in your fridge. What to do? Naturally I have some ideas. Below, our five favorite Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiches:

Sandwich #202, the mother of all Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches, is this genius concoction: the Thanksgiving Shooter Sandwich. You haven’t lived unless you’ve made this. All of your leftovers packed into one round loaf of bread. We should really give an award to whoever came up with this sandwich.

Sandwich #52, the classic Leftovers Sandwich. Take all of turkey and sides and pile them in between two pieces of bread.

Sandwich #110, the Turkey, Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich. I wish I had one of these right now. Would be delicious way to start the morning. And a great way to get rid of this headache.

Sandwich #270, the Curried Turkey Salad with Almonds and Grapes, is a sweet fearful sandwich, particularly great if you have tons of turkey leftover, but not many sides.

Sandwich #203,  the Turkey, Cranberry Sauce and Cheddar Grilled Cheese. Meaty enough to fill you up, but still leaves room for pumpkin pie.

I still can’t believe I can’t make a sandwich today.

Really people, did we eat ALL of the pie?

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