Healthy Start—and Sandwiches—for 2015

By 300 Sandwiches

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citysunriseLOI’m back from a week of wine, chocolate, sandwiches, goose, eggnog and French Fries in Florida. Now it’s time for a reset!

New Year’s Day is usually when people reset themselves. Set forth on a new path. Redefine their lives. They write down those resolutions and declare this year is the year to lose weight/stop swearing/find a meaningful job/read more books/learn a language. They cut sugar and booze from their diets. They vow to work out more (and thus pack gyms across the country, and make it even harder for me to get a spot in yoga class).

The best way to achieve such goals is to ease into new patterns gradually. You’re more likely to stay on task if you make small changes in your life rather than transform all at once and shock your system. Baby steps, people. You’re only racing yourself.

I have a few resolutions, too. I do want to become fluent in Spanish again. I can’t let eight years of classes in high school and college go to waste. I want to travel to at least three foreign countries this year. And, I want to work on my second book, after you pre-order my first one and receive it in May and then tell me how much you laughed, cried, and wanted to make all of the sandwiches inside!

Meanwhile, I can help with at least one of your resolutions: that healthy eating one (sorry, I can’t help you with the job thing. There’s LinkedIn for that.) Below, I’ve offered five healthy sandwiches to eat during your resolution-driven health kick in January. Snack on them while you clean up your resume and buy that French tutorial from Rosetta Stone. Then book that spin class you’ve been meaning to try. Now, 20 minutes a day, work on your goals. Then, keep going.

Sandwich #187, the “Fall Harvest Beach Break” Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Corn Burger with Tomato Jam, is an easy one for dinner. Veggies, mashed and form into patties, topped with our homemade tomato jam. Yum!

Sandwich #212, the “New Year Morning Boost” Peanut Butter, Banana, Pear and Chia Seed Wraps, is a great healthy breakfast before hitting that packed gym on Jan. 1.

Sandwich #85, the “Guy Night Out” Turkey Lettuce Wraps, is an easy, low carb dinner for your hungry brood, and a healthy excuse to play with your food. Kids love these. So do thirtysomething adults.

Sandwich #152–“Back to Reality” Chicken, Tofu and Veggie Wraps. Can’t go wrong with lean protein and vegetables in a whole wheat wrap. (did you book that spin class yet? Chop, chop!)

—And, of course, you need to have some black eyed peas on New Year’s Day. They’re good luck! Last year, I made hoppin’ john and then used the leftovers for sandwich #213: “Good Luck in 2014″ Hoppin’ John wraps. Clearly I like my wraps. And these bean packed ones comprised one of my favorite lunches of 2014. Yes, there’s bacon. It’s okay. Live a little. You still have 364 more days to be healthy.

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