The Ultimate Super Bowl Sandwich Picks

By 300 Sandwiches

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Super Bowl is not the time for fancy five-course dinners. It’s the perfect event for cheesy dips, big, boozy drinks and of course, sandwiches. Naturally, I have picks for the ultimate Super Bowl sandwiches you need to serve for the big game. And guess what? I won’t be vegan for the Feb. 7 matchup, so I don’t feel like a fraud recommending meaty sandwiches packed with beef and chicken.  Let’s get it!:

Sandwich #253, the pressure cooker pulled pork sandwich. You need pulled pork at your bash (people won’t show up without it. Trust me.) This was one of my favorite pulled pork sandwiches I made over the time. You can make it for the masses by piling the toppings onto slider buns. And it’s not dripping in barbecue sauce, which you can save for your platter of  spicy chicken wings.

Sandwich #182, buffalo chicken sliders. Because there’s buffalo in Denver, right? There sure are Broncos! Anyway, these sandwiches are hot, spicy and delicious and only need five ingredients.

Sandwich # 34, one of my favorites and something I’ve truly missed during Vegan January, the bacon manchego cheese paninis. Cut up into bite-sized sandwiches, these bacon melted cheesey sandwiches are great appetizers. You’ll be full after eating just a few of these.

–These turkey meatball sliders can be assembled in foot-long hoagies, and then cut into 3- inch mini sandwiches. And they’re healthy, made with turkey and packed with veggies.

Sandwich #179 is so freaking delicious and perfect for Sunday night dinner: roast beef! A roast beef sandwich goes great with Doritos. And Ruffles. And Lays. And whatever else you’ve got on that snack table.

The big game is less than a week away. But you still have plenty of time to plan your Super Bowl party menu (which includes the above sandwiches and more found in our book on sale now!), grocery shop, invite friends over and even by a larger television if your current flat screen is so small you can’t event find Peyton Manning during the hikes.

Seriously, Best Buy delivers.  Amazon Prime does so in two days. No time like the present.

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