300 Sandwiches’ Roundup of Super Bowl Sandwiches

By 300 Sandwiches

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[slideshow_deploy id=’8066′]Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! And you know what that means….Super Bowl Sandwiches!

This of course is assuming you have all of the other essentials….Beer? Check! Flat screen TV? Check! Seattle Seahawks jersey? Check! (You know who I’m rooting for.)

You’ll need plenty of filling, warm, savory food to feed hungry football fans. This is not the time to eat healthy. Put the kale salad down, and make something beefy. Something cheesy! Something that even media averse Marshawn Lynch would enjoy. Here’s five meaty, beefy, flavor packed sandwich ideas to make for your friends coming over for the big game:

Sandwich #253, the pressure cooker pulled pork sandwich, produces pulled pork in a fraction of the time than a slow cooker does.

–But if you start cooking early, Sandwich #223, the chicken philly cheesesteak, is a slow cooker favorite. Pop the ingredients into the cooker in the morning, and sandwiches are ready by game time. Add hot peppers if you like spice.

Sandwich #182, the buffalo chicken sandwich, is perfect for your hotheaded fans. It’s a nice alternative to wings, too.

Sandwich #231, the muffaletta, or a meat and cheese packed hoagie, can also be sliced into smaller sandwiches for appetizer portions.

–And, this diddy, sandwich #271–the Italian shooter sandwich, is great for a small party. Make it in the morning, press it until company comes and warm it up in the oven right before serving. The cheese will melt slightly, and the bread will be crusty on the outside, chewy on this inside. This one might go before halftime, so you might want to make two for large groups.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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