300 Sandwiches vs. The Sandwich King—Live!

By 300 Sandwiches

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I’m prepping to take on the Food Networks’ Sandwich King Jeff Mauro in our first event!

A few months ago, Jeff and I exchanged some playful banter about sandwich making on Twitter. Somehow, someone got the crazy idea to bring our Twit snit to life. Mano a mano, sandwich a sandwich.

So on Saturday, we’re having a cook off in front of 75 people to see who really knows a little something about making sandwiches. We’ll also raise a little money for charity. Food and do-gooding. That’s how we do.

I have an idea of what I’ll make—you might have noticed E and I making various versions of #257, the Fishkiller Fish Cutter. I think we’ve got a winner in what we’re going to cook on Saturday. Jeff, be afraid. Be very afraid.


We’ll be tweeting and Instagramming updates from the event all day, so follow the hashtag #sandwar on Saturday and see who will ultimately win the battle of the sandwiches.

It’s on, Sandwich King. It’s on.

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