Sandwiches in Memory

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sunsetmemoryLast night, I got to thinking about my dad a lot. I miss him. Then I found this.

I was browsing through some e-mails and came across this story of two boys in Trinidad who suddenly lost their parents and brother in a car accident. The boys had just returned from the funeral, and despite their pain, one brother shared a happy memory of his younger brother:

Rikash said he dreamt of Nyron on Saturday night after he and his brother, Nigel, went to bed. “I dream Nyron telling me not to forget the cheese sandwich we used to make. He was telling me in the dream how he loved lettuce and tomatoes on it,” Rikash said.

Awww. He continued:

Rikash promised he would try to muster the courage to go to the kitchen and make cheese sandwiches for his younger brother, Nigel. “And I will put plenty of tomatoes, like my brother Nyron liked, for Nigel,” Rikash said.

Remembering loved ones with sandwiches.

The rest of the article is here:

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