Conference Call: Blogging While Brown 2014

By 300 Sandwiches

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We’ve got a busy weekend ahead!

On Saturday, I’ll be speaking at the Blogging While Brown conference in Harlem! The organization has been so kind to welcome me to the event to speak about visual blogging. I’ll be sharing my views on how important photography has been to the growth of 300 Sandwiches.

I’ll be honest—when I first started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of food photography. See below, #10, the “Dry the Day After” Sloppy Joe, one of my earlier sandwiches:

This was one of my less satisfying dinners, a drier than dry sloppy joe, with no taste and no love. Exactly how the photo looks. I shot this in the dark in my kitchen with an oven light as a spotlight. And do ya think I could have at least cleaned up the plate? Nope.

A year later, my sloppy joe making improved. So did my sloppy joe photo taking. See sandwich #131 below:


Much better! The sandwich looks way more appealing, the plate looks pretty and the lighting—natural light at dusk in my living room, is much more flattering. It looks like a meal E and I actually enjoyed eating.

See how photos can tell a story? I’ll be sharing this and more about what I’ve learned about food photography on Saturday at 3:30 at the Blogging While Brown conference. If you’re in the neighborhood, come check us out! More information about the conference is here.

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