Prepping for #Sandwar

By 300 Sandwiches

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cucumberLOJPG I have been prepping for the #Sandwar event on Saturday in the Hamptons with Sandwich King Jeff Mauro for a few weeks. Now, it’s crunch time.

These right here are remnants of the cucumbers I’m pickling for my sandwich creation on Saturday. When E and I first moved in together, E used to marvel me with his pickling skills. Now, I’ve learned how to do it—and it’s shockingly easy. Vinegar, water, salt, sugar, veggies. A few hours later, they’re ready.

I’m very excited to taste my results, and I can’t wait for my friends and guests at our event in the Hamptons to taste too! Follow #sandwar on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this blog right here to see how it all goes down!

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