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How To Plan a Space-Themed Birthday Party

I usually go all out for Q’s birthday. I love to pick a theme, or the theme picks me. This year, Q picked the theme–space. So, I was tasked to plan a party that was outta this world. With the help of the perfect venue, we threw a space-themed birthday party for Q that had […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is my favorite season of the year. From Halloween through New Years, I go hard. I do all of the things. Eat of all the things. Go HAM with decorations. Keep Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas Album” on repeat. It’s my high season. High on life. High on peppermint mochas. High on it […]

Still here…

Still together. Still exploring. Still making sandwiches, albeit for smaller hands these days. Still loving. Still keeping it 300.

Two Years

“Dearly beloved, we have gathered here to get through this thing called life.” 6/6/15

Six Years Ago…

Six years ago… I was living in a basement floor studio on the Upper East Side. E lived in the East Village in a well-lit third floor studio. I was single and had several bad breakups in a row. So had E. I had hair that was 6 inches longer. So did E. I spent […]

New and Old Holiday Traditions

A reflection on holiday traditions. Christmas 1986. Homemade chocolate chip, shortbread, sugar and almond crescent cookies. Andes mints. Cordial cherries. Real Christmas tree. The Temptations version of “Silent Night” and Donnie Hathaway’s version of “This Christmas.”  Multiple screenings of “A Charlie Brown Christmas. Mom. Dad. Dogs. Santa. Christmas 2016. Homemade gingerbread, and chocolate chip and […]

300’s Lunchbox Worthy Back to School Sandwiches

My nephews headed back to school this week, as many other kids have done or are prepping to in the coming weeks. For me, it brings back memories of new clothes, Trapper Keepers, and lunchboxes stuffed with mom’s homemade sandwiches.

A Reason to Say Yahoo!

Big changes ahead, my friends! Making those 300 sandwiches (and bread. And condiments. And peach cobblers. And marshmallows.) has earned me an amazing new job! Yours truly has signed on to become a senior editor at Yahoo Food!

Throwback Thursday: Lucky Check

#tbt to that day we got this lucky check at Pearl Oyster Bar, where we ordered two lobster rolls and a few glasses of Rose. Should played the lottery that day, too.

And We’re Back!

Hi there! Sorry for the lack of posting over the time of our mini book tour. We were doing some crazy running around, and then we also had some slight technical difficulties with the site. All is well now. So, what have ya missed? Well, we did some really great book signings in New York, […]

Thank You!

E and I are packing up for our wedding, but wanted to give a quick thank you to all of the media outlets, bloggers, fans and friends who have given love to our book “300 Sandwiches: A Multilayered Love Story, with Recipes.” E and I are truly touched by your support. Bon Appetit, one of […]

Wedding Wednesday: The Final Week

   A week from today, E and I and my mother and a few friends will be on a Jet Blue flight to Barbados for our “elopement light” style wedding.  Above, a shot from our wedding band shopping excursion this weekend, which was way too late to start the process. We may not have our wedding […]

Do Those Sandwiches Look Familiar?

Remember that photo shoot I mentioned earlier? I wrote about the 300’s forthcoming book, our wedding, and five sandwiches that defined our relationship in The New York Post today. Check it out!