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Ski Weekend PB & J Idea

Saw this on Pinterest, and want to replace the jam with our homemade apple cognac butter. Will be awesome for E and I’s snowboarding trip to Lake Placid this weekend!

Suggestion Box

I’m going to make E’s 100th sandwich this weekend. I asked him what he wanted, figuring he’d come up with something over the top gourmet, with a side of duck fat fried potatoes sprinkled with truffles, just for giggles. His, not mine.

Sandwich #21–“Up All Night” Homemade S’mores

I really should not be allowed to eat sugar past 9 PM. When I do, I turn into a Gremlin (readers over 30 will remember what Gremlins are. Those under 30, Google it). In the 1984 movie “Gremlins,” these adorable pets named mogwais are in the care of humans. But along with no sunlight and […]