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I’m going to make E’s 100th sandwich this weekend. I asked him what he wanted, figuring he’d come up with something over the top gourmet, with a side of duck fat fried potatoes sprinkled with truffles, just for giggles. His, not mine.

Instead, he suggested something simpler: “PB & J.”


“Crust or no crust?” I asked.

“I like the crust,” he said.

“And jelly?”

“Any one you like.”

I didn’t believe him. “Okay, I’ll use grape.”

Panic ensued. Eyes crossed. Cold sweat formed on brow.

“All right, no grape jelly!”

Normal breathing commenced.

I’ll be adding grape jelly to E’s Forbidden Foods list.

What PB & J combos do you think I should make for E? Suggestions welcome in the comments.

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