Leaves Are Changing. Time for Fall Road Trips.

By 300 Sandwiches

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coldspringgeneralLONew York’s fall foliage is in full bloom. So E and I took a little road trip up the Hudson this weekend.Driving on the highway–well, riding in the passenger seat on the highway– is therapeutic for me. My mind relaxes as we get further out of the city. My breathing slows. E and I don’t even speak to each other. We just let the music play in the air between us and relax.

We arrived in Cold Spring, NY and walked around in the fall air, popping into small shops on Main Street. After a stop in the Cold Spring Apothecary and browsing down jackets and Stanley thermoses at Old Souls,  we ran into a handful of friends randomly from the city who are doing the same thing. We had lunch at a local pub (the line at Hudson Hil’s was too long and they stopped taking tables.) The picture above was taken at one of our favorite places, Cold Spring General Store. They have something they call their Barn, which is where they sell mostly fresh produce, and they have this cute seating area in back.

E and I had our arms full of homegrown goods from local purveyors by the time we left. Here’s what I came home with:

–A cape by The Local Branch: Yes, a cape. Because it’s fall. And because I looked amazing in the Instagram photo. And because the owner of the General Store, Craig,  told me I look good in it. And I did. And, by the way, the founders of The Local Branch make their goods out of an Airstream workshop! How freaking cool is that?

spoonloBig Spoon Roasters Chai Nut Butter: Oh man, my new favorite snack. This stuff barely survived the car ride home. It’s all natural, super nutty, and the chai flavor really kicks up the peanut butter to another level. Honestly, the texture and taste reminded me of cookie dough. Big Spoon is based in North Carolina, a long ways from New York, but still a small business doing good. I savored it on sliced bananas this morning for tiny bite sized breakfast sandwiches. And then E hid the jar of the stuff back on the high shelf so I wouldn’t inhale the rest of the jar.

syrupLOCrown Maple Syrup:  Spotted this, and first thought was PANCAKES! Second thought? OLD FASHIONEDS! We went with our second thought and made the drinks when we got home. We just couldn’t wait until breakfast.

Stockade Farm and Apothecary Bitters: Also for those old fashioneds. Made with ginger, orange, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and fennel seed.

The fun of supporting small business is not only the tasty goods, but supporting small business owners and learning about their stories. I am so inspired by people who follow their passion. I read Inc. and Fast Company magazines religiously because I love hearing how people risk it all to follow their dreams, or just how they came up with the idea to launch their products in the first place.  If I can support someone’s dreams by eating their delicious chai butter by the spoonful, then I feel I’ve done my part as a conscious consumer.

And now, to put my cape on and head to work.


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