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Sandwich #116–“Garden Fresh” Banh Mi Breakfast Sandwich

Friday morning! E and I got up early to sip coffee on our patio, and ponder what nice things we were going to do for our mommies for Mother’s Day Sunday. I sent a card. E did not. Who’s the better child? Ha! (Just kidding, he means well. Besides, I should really send flowers, too.)

Sandwich #54–“Still in Robe” Fried Egg Sandwich

Rating: When E and I moved in together, my mother sent us a housewarming gift filled with little goodies for our first place together–candles, dishrags, a decorative cup or two. She also sent a white, terry cloth robe with a matching blanket that was intended for me, but E saw it first and claimed it. […]

Sandwich #22– “Watch the Hole” One-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich

The thing I admire most about E is that he’s always happy in the morning. No matter if he’s hung over or hasn’t gotten 8 hours of shuteye, or it’s raining out or he has a tough day of work ahead of him, he’s always in a good mood when he wakes up. “Good morning, […]