Sandwich #92–“Staying Skinny” Egg and Asparagus Sandwich

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DSC_0366 E and I–well, rather, E–are still trying to shed the winter weight before we go to Miami in a week. E is being more diligent about eating right than I am. Every time I suggested a sandwich to E, he screams like a girl on a diet in the high school cafeteria as to how he’s eating right before our trip.

“Honey what about a steak sandwich?” I ask.
“It’s 12:30! I went to Cross Fit today. I can’t eat that heavy food now!”

“What about banh mi?” I say.
“On a baguette? All that white bread? Carbs!? I am eating healthy and going to Cross Fit!”

Who knew men could be so sensitive about their weight?

To stay on a healthy path, I made a lighter breakfast sandwich. I love all green vegetables and would eat kale and spinach for breakfast every day if I could, but that’s not an option for E (see E’s Forbidden Foods list). Instead, asparagus and arugula is about as green as it gets for breakfast with E. I topped asparagus spears with a fried egg on seven grain bread, and served up a healthy meal before I left for work.

“I feel like a teenage cheerleader,” E said after eating it. “I’m going to Cross Fit again today, too.”

I have finally learned to like asparagus, but I’m picky: not the thick spears, and must be sautéed in a HOT pan with lots of sea salt and olive oil. They should be salty like shishito peppers or other bar snacks, IMHO.
2 eggs
1 bunch asparagus
4 pieces of toast
1/4 cup olive oil
sea salt and pepper
1 handful arugula

Fry egg. Cook asparagus in medium skillet over medium heat with 3 tablespoons olive oil, turning asparagus frequently during cooking. Cook for about 10 minutes, then sprinkle on sea salt.

Toast bread. In small bowl, dress arugula a tablespoon of olive oil with salt and pepper, and top with other piece of bread. Makes two sandwiches.

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