Union Island Jalapeño Cheddar Stuffed Burgers

By 300 Sandwiches

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Union-collage2Greetings from Union Island!

Where the rum is strong, the wind is plenty and the Internet connection is strong but only available in a few spots. I write to you from JT Pro Center, a kite surf training center here on Union Island. It’s where I’m taking lessons, and E is getting his kite rocks off in the bay.

Union Island is one of the most southern islands in the Caribbean, reachable by a small plane or boat, and untouched by commercial development. No Starbucks or McDonald’s here. No Marriott, either.

But I have not found any roti or roti sandwiches here (so far in my two days here)…mostly fresh fish of the day, pasta and burgers (is this Chicago, or…?). Guess I will have to hit up Trinidad sometime between now and Sunday to get real roti.

Above, a burger I ate at the Anchorage Yacht Club, the main harbor in the town of Clifton, where JT’s Kite Center is. They call it the AYC, a burger stuffed with jalapeño cheddar cheese and stacked with caramelized onions, cucumber, lettuce and tomato on a crusty bun. I washed mine down with a frosty pina colada. It’s the best thing I’ve had to eat here, and something I’ll be cooking up for E at home.

To the right, our island hound. The apartment we’re staying in comes with its own dog. She sleeps on our patio every night, snoozing in a chair under our front window, keeping watch. I love island hounds, the gentle, mixed breed old souls you’ll find grazing beaches and passed out under lounge chairs around surf towns. Island hounds have more soul than your average gourmet bred, organic food eating, doggie day care attending city pooch. When E and I buy our own beach house in a windy location enough to kite 100 days a year, we will have a few island hounds as mascots. For now, we’ve got this cutie. I’ve named her Grenadine.

Ooh, the wind’s picking up. An afternoon kite session awaits. Happy weekend, y’all.

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