Sandwiches Will Be Easier to Make With These Aritsugu Knives

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aritsuguknivesLOAnd we’re back. Three weeks and an around the world flight later, E and I made it home. I’m still fighting killer jet lag and unpacking.

Our honeymoon to Mauritius and Japan, with a pit stop in Dubai, was even more amazing than we planned. Mauritius was the beach and relaxation part of the journey, Tokyo was the mind expanding and shopping portion and Kyoto the zen mediation part. I read “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Girl on the Train,” and Ruth Reichl’s new book “My Kitchen Year” all while flying over oceans or in between hotel room check-ins.

Our suitcases were much heavier on our way home than when we came back because we bought some kitchen goodies during our travels that will make cooking even more fun. The best purchase? These samurai warrior-worthy Aritsugu knives from Kyoto.

aritsugustorefrontAritsugu is based in Kyoto and has been around since 1560. The company produced Japanese swords back in the day, but in the 19th century it evolved the business to make kitchen knives. The 400 year old family business is located in the Nishiki Market in Kyoto, the large food market in the heart of the city where you can buy whale bacon and confectionaries and watch mochi being made as you browse (what, you’ve never had whale bacon? Me neither).

The super sharp, steel knifes were a cook’s dream, and E drooled over chef’s knifes and cleavers in the store for an hour. E chatted in Japanese (he’s fluent, or at least, has very strong conversational skills) about several varieties, and bought three different blades. The craft workers not only wrap your knife in beautiful paper, but they even engrave your name into the steel, so everyone knows it’s yours.


If you look closely, you can see our names engraved in Japanese characters here. Beautiful, right?
I can’t wait to use these sharp blades to carve a turkey. Or debone a fish. Or fight off evildoers to protect the streets of Gotham.

Sandwiches will never be sliced in half the same again.

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