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EoutsideThe weekend is here!

Spring is finally coming this weekend. You know how some people open up their pool once warm weather hits? Well, we don’t have a pool. But we have a balcony! So E and are finally going to open up our balcony. A trip to the nursery for new plants and bushes, and then E will plant this year’s crop. Probably wearing that same ol’ white robe. Which is now more beige if you ask me.

Other things I want to do:

—I’m reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” a genius book about tidying up. It’s like spring cleaning for life.

—After I through out clothes that don’t bring me joy, per the teaching in Marie Kondo’s book, I want to buy some new springtime clothes that do. I just got these white Birkenstocks which I’d been coveting since last summer. Perfect to wear while running errands around the city, and for lounging poolside during wedding week.

—I’ve been craving more beet pesto. Time to make another batch. I also want to try beet hummus. I just like beets, okay? I don’t care if it turns my pee purple.

—Sandwich time! I only have 20 sandwiches left to make. What should I cook? Suggestions welcome! Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page. Happy weekend!

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