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Sandwich #49–“The Roof is On Fire” Burger with Egg

A trip to Restoration Hardware proved yet again how different E and I are as shoppers. He buys high quality things he loves, price or fragility be damned. I always have my “Practical Sally” hat on, and look for things that will last long or provide the best value—like dark-colored pillows and sheets so they […]

Sandwich #46–“Bird, Bird, Bird” Pheasant Sliders

This year, E and I were hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house for the first time. It’s so, like, grown up and mature to be hosting the holidays with my man! But even more exciting—and adding a bit more pressure to create a spectacular meal—E’s mom is coming to town for the holiday. We’ve already […]

Sandwich #45–“Get Skinny” Apple and Almond Butter Sandwich

E and I were channeling our inner Olivia Newton John and Billy Blanks (remember him?! I used to do those Tae-Bo videos in my living room when my parents were at work) to get healthy after a decadent two-week vacation. Caipirinhas with every meal added tons of extra sugar and calories to our Brazilian diets. […]

Sandwich #44–“The Monte Christie” Monte Cristo

One good thing that came out of kitesurfing was that E wanted to get in better shape. Running is what I do to stay sane and stay skinny. I love getting outside, listening to music and keeping pace to thumping beat of dance music while letting my thoughts wander. Each morning, I throw my running […]

Sandwich #40–“Out of Depression” Apple and Brandy Whoopie Pies

Okay, I hadn’t planned on a whoopie pie follow-up so soon. But I was in a horrid mood after a tough day at work–think PMS times two with a sprinkle of “I hate everybody.” I came home expecting to have a quick dinner and then take yet another work meeting over drinks, but my mood […]

Sandwich #39–“Whoopie Virgin” Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Oh. HELL. Yes. I have been waiting to make these since Labor Day. I’ve been drooling over pictures on the Web of pumpkin whoopie pies, with that spongy cake on the outside and soft creamy middle. Nom nom nom! And now, the perfect time to make them as a dessert to a perfect fall meal […]