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By 300 Sandwiches

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donutdipLOFine, the Patriots won. Congrats. Guess now would be a good time to discuss one of my last trips to Pats Nation. When E and I were in Vermont the other weekend, our friend/devoted reader Charlene T.  suggested we stop off at Donut Dip in Springfield, MA.

I rarely eat donuts, but when I do, I’m usually on an interstate on my way to some sort of vacation spot. Dunkin’ Donuts will suffice, as usually anything with caffeine and sugar in the car at dawn will serve as a satisfactory breakfast. But Donut Dip elevates donuts up a notch.

I flew to Vermont on the way there, so I missed a morning stop of at the Dip. But on our way home, we pulled off in W. Springfield, MA to pick up a half dozen of their offerings. Doughnuts are more thrilling snacks than that pack of peanut butter crackers I picked up at the Shell station.

bellybustersLOThough we missed their first batch of the day, their evening selection still tasted like homemade goodness. None of that distinct taste of  plastic or cardboard flavor or preservatives used in premade pastries. The dough was both cake-y and dough like with a hint of vanilla. I bit into a chocolate creme filled number, which had a lightly whipped, chocolate mousse-like filing, as opposed to the thick fudge-y creme. I also sampled an apple cider, a sugar flavored and a chocolate glaze before we got home.

I did not have the gastrointestinal balls to buy one of those belly buster doughnuts, pictured here. Besides, I wanted to sample as many flavored as I could, not bottom out on one flavor.

All were worth the 20 minute detour from home.

Thanks for the suggestion, Charlene!

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