How He Proposed, and Why I Was Unprepared

By 300 Sandwiches

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engageprofpic2 I wrote about how the proposal happened in The New York Post today. There were so many things I remember about that special day, but there’s one thing I have to discuss.

My lack of a manicure in all of my engagement photos.

My friend, Victoria, took me to the spa the day E popped the question specifically to get manicures. Not pedicures, not massages, MANICURES. Not picking up on the clue that I might want groomed hands for the big moment happening later that day, I declined the manicure and got a pedicure instead.

Now, photos of myself with an engagement ring and shabby looking nails are all over our Facebook pages and Twitter and have been forwarded to our friends and around the Internet. This is why I’m posting the photo above that was taken far enough away so you can see the ring, but not my hangnails. If that weren’t bad enough, I ruined the pedicure when I bent down to hug E when he proposed and scraped my feet on the deck.

Let this be a lesson to you, ladies: if you are in a long-term relationship, and in a romantic place or about to go to a romantic place, and your girlfriend suggests you get a manicure, get the manicure. You never know what freshly painted nails could inspire.

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