Wedding Wednesday: How Pinterest is Ruining My Wedding

By 300 Sandwiches

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banningpinterestLOI have banned myself from looking at Pinterest until I get married.

I love the site. I love browsing pictures of French bulldog puppies and braided hairstyles. Of gingerbread loaf and Snickers pie recipes. I love looking at country weddings and city weddings and beach weddings and farmhouse weddings and drooling over those perfectly captured moments. It’s inspiring. But it’s also a huge time suck and preventing me from making any decisions.

I have spent hours and hours and and hours looking at wedding dresses, place settings, bouquets, save the date ideas and invitation ideas. All have been amazingly pretty. But 6 months after getting engaged, Pinterest is stressing me out. I have not picked a reception venue. Or flowers. I second guessed the guest list every day. I question everything, wondering if I could have made a better choice similar to something I saw on Pinterest. It’s one thing to get inspiration. It’s another thing to get caught in this web of photographs and fonts and colors and pallets and petals and lace, searching for the perfect this or that for your wedding—until you get stuck.

And instead, you choose nothing because you can’t find the perfect thing. It’s the classic Paradox of Choice.

So, in order to move forward with wedding planning, I’ve decided to put away Pinterest.

I’ve already picked my wedding dress. I know it’s going to be white and lace with a low back. I can’t feed my wedding dress designer dozens of photos and photos of dresses. She needs a blueprint. One design to draw from. That’s one or two photos of the same or similar dresses, MAX.

I I know I want a beach wedding. That entails sand, water, flowers and sunshine. Great. The rest has to be decided by either a wedding coordinator or our caterers.

Rings. My wedding band Will be platinum, to match my engagement ring. Will there be diamonds? Maybe. But I’m not going to decide that on Pinterest. E and I will go to a designer we like, perhaps the one we got my engagement ring from, and try on rings in person. I’ll choose what puts a smile on my face.

Invitations. So as long as people’s names are spelled right, and the time and location are included, I’m good. Our friends will not frame the invitations on their wall (we probably won’t either). People will probably forget to bring the invitation with them to the wedding!

Pinterest, I love you. I get recipe inspiration, workout ideas, home decorating tips, life mantras, writing advice, and fashion guidance from your lovely site. But you and I need to break up. At least until my wedding.

I’ll see you on June 7.

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