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Wedding Wednesday: Aussie Inspiration

This Australian wedding featured on Style Me Pretty has been the inspiration for E and I’s wedding planning. The helicopter, the beach. The putting on lipstick from the co-pilot’s seat. We have gone through this wedding album about 30 times. Elopement is looking more and more appealing….

Wedding Wednesdays: Italian Inspiration

I’ve been obsessed with this wedding ever since I read about it on TheCoveteur.com. Aside from the beautiful people on the guest list and the bride’s ridiculous wardrobe she wore for all of her bridal festivities, the one thing I love the most is the outdoor ambiance of the ceremony. This stylish couple got married […]

Required Reading

Talk about perfect timing. Not only is the latest issue topical, but our Internet is on the fritz. So I have to consult old school media—like magazines—to get ideas for sandwiches. Now excuse me while I lasso a Time Warner Cable rep to my apartment to get me back online.