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Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Hand Pies

Here we go. Another Valentine’s Day. But this year, it’s with my HUSBAND. That should mean something, right? That should mean that we should go all out, right? Book a dinner reservation at that overpriced restaurant with the snooty maitre’d and the methuselah of Cristal on the menu and eat mediocre overrpiced surf-and-turf and roll […]

Black Friday, or Better Yet, Bloated Friday

After weeks of preparation, testing recipes, tasting sandwiches, and even getting the best of the best sandwich ideas from you, loyal readers, I hate to disappoint you (and E)…. but I am TOO FULL from last night’s dinner to make a sandwich. Yup. #fail. But, once I digest last night’s meal, I might make E […]

Sandwich #22– “Watch the Hole” One-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich

The thing I admire most about E is that he’s always happy in the morning. No matter if he’s hung over or hasn’t gotten 8 hours of shuteye, or it’s raining out or he has a tough day of work ahead of him, he’s always in a good mood when he wakes up. “Good morning, […]