Food Goals and Experiments for 2016

By 300 Sandwiches

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maplechaipuddingLONew year, new goals.

I had trouble writing down what I wanted to accomplish in 2016. Am I really going to learn to kitesurf? What about picking up that Spanish again? So much to do, so little time. But I at least have my food goals in line.

I’ve started the year by doing something drastic. I’ve vowed to go vegan for just 30 days. No, I am not doing it to be trendy or save the animals or the environment, or even lose weight. My only incentive is to see if I can show some self-control in my diet and eat more mindfully. Maybe I’m just feeling guilty for what I ate over holiday break. Either way, I’ve been making animal product-free meals, like this maple chia seed pudding for breakfast, and loving it. There are so many ways to make chia seed pudding it’s amazing, but I included what I put in my jar of goodness in the recipe below. It’s super simple, and something I’m using to toast in the new year instead of wine.

I’m going to see if there are some vegan-friendly sandwich ideas I can come up with, either using meat like products like this or this. Anyone got any great meat free sandwich recipes to share? ¬†I consider this a month of experimentation with a plant-based diet, not a full-fledged divorce from meat (hey, some of my best sandwiches have been made with meat). January is about trying new things. Food goals, y’all. Get after ’em.

5 tablespoons chia seeds
2 cups almond milk
1 teaspoon maple extract (maple syrup would also work, I just happened to have maple extract in my cupboard)
1/2 teaspoon nutmegCombine all in an airtight container. Seal lid, shake well. Refrigerate for at least four hours, shaking every hour or so for the first two or three hours to mix seeds evenly. When ready to eat, top with fruit, crushed nuts, coconut, or sprinkle on cinnamon, and enjoy.
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