Sandwich #146–“Break for You” Ice Cream Sandwich

By 300 Sandwiches

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DSC_0839 Ice cream sandwiches—using pre-made cookies and simple vanilla ice cream—were the fastest, easiest snack I could think of for E.

In two minutes, I made a sandwich with two Tate’s whole wheat dark chocolate cookies and some Breyers Vanilla Ice cream–one for E, one for me. E was working on another app in his office, so I figured he would take about two seconds to devour the sandwich without looking up from his keyboard. Instead, he made snack time quality time.

I skated into E’s office and presented him with the ice cream sandwich. “Oh, honey, this is so sweet!” he said, turning away from the computer. E ate it quickly, taking hearty bites so the ice cream wouldn’t melt, while I grabbed the other one and sat in the nearby recliner. When he finished, he didn’t turn around to the computer and start working again. He waited for me to finish.

E watched me with a smile as I licked up the dripping vanilla ice cream and bit into the cookie crusts, dropping crumbs on my shirt. E smiled even more. He enjoyed me eating my sandwich as much as he enjoyed his own sandwich.

When I was done, he made sure to kiss me hard on the lips. “Thank you, honey. That was lovely.”

I made a simple sandwich, but E celebrated the snack just as much as the more complicated meals I’ve made before. I appreciated that. Which made me appreciate him more.

2 scoops ice cream (Breyers Vanilla is flavorful and easy to spread)
4 cookies

Cookie. Scoop of ice cream. Cookie. Eat, or wrap in plastic for 20 minutes to harden ice cream in case it got too soft. Remove and eat. Makes two sandwiches.

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