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Sandwich #104—“The Gang’s All Here” S’Mores

The regular season at Stowe, VT ended this weekend, so E and I and four friends caravaned up north to take one last snowboarding trip. The weather was spectacular, the snow was amazing and our skills had all improved so much since the beginning of the season—by Sunday, most of us were shredding in the […]

Sandwich #50–“Table Dressing” Homemade Oreos

Our Thanksgiving is turning into one expensive holiday. It might have been cheaper to fly home to Michigan than it would have been to buy food and decor for 8…. wait a minute, E just texted me….now 11 people. We have so much to do! So many groceries to buy! How were we going to […]

Sandwich #21–“Up All Night” Homemade S’mores

I really should not be allowed to eat sugar past 9 PM. When I do, I turn into a Gremlin (readers over 30 will remember what Gremlins are. Those under 30, Google it). In the 1984 movie “Gremlins,” these adorable pets named mogwais are in the care of humans. But along with no sunlight and […]

Sandwich #11– “Welcome Home–Made” Ice Cream Sandwiches

E and I went our separate ways this weekend. Though both of our parents live in Michigan, they live 3 hours away from each other on opposite sides of the state. Since we only had the two day weekend off from work, E and I visited our respective families separately this time. Funny thing is […]